Wyze app 3.0 & Cam v4 Firmware Beta Test 6/3/2024

I was going through the app and noticed that all of the HMS automations show as failed in the automation history. However, they actually do not fail and function as expected.

Log submitted: 1437539

I cleared the History and let it run to see what happens, here is a picture:

Yes, thanks. But if I use power save mode, than Android Auto for my car doesn’t work correctly. :confused:

I believe he is talking about power saver mode for the camera under advanced settings


Not an option for me in the beta app (Android).

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Well that’s interesting for sure. I was under the impression all battery powered cams had this feature.

The screenshot in my previous post was from my VDP which is battey powered and from the v3 app settings.

The Home Monitoring now works. Looks like a backend fix.
The Automation History still shows as failed, but the scheduled automation is likely working.

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iOS with Battery Pro shows the option.

New today.

Hi Community Friends,

Thank you all for your valuable feedback! We’re thrilled that many of you are enjoying the new app. For those who have encountered issues, please know that we hear you and appreciate your input. Here are some updates on the matters discussed:

Improvements Targeted for 3.0 Beta 2:

  • Device Sorting Alphabetically: We’re working on implementing your customized list where you should be able to reorder your devices and device groups. In addition to your devices from version 2.50, devices that were only in groups will now also be shown in the Devices list, and you can favorite those devices too.
  • Favorites Tab UI: We’re adjusting the size of non-camera/group/shortcuts tiles and tightening the padding between them. Our goal is to make the Favorites tab truly yours.

Future improvements in consideration (not confirmed yet):

  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Sort and filter options
  • Swipe navigation among tabs
  • Automation sorting
  • Optimized landscape experience for tablets
  • Ability to view more cameras on the Favorites tab

Regarding the issues/bugs mentioned above, we have created internal tickets and will address them accordingly. Please provide a log if possible, this will help us better locate the issue! We’ve also resolved the issue where only 20 devices could be favorited. Just to clarify, this was not intended and should now be fixed. Please let us know if this problem persists.

Keep the feedback coming! We are committed to making the Wyze app “too good to be true” experience, and you are a crucial part of that journey. Thank you!


Not an option for my Wyze Cam Outdoors (V1). Here is the Advanced Settings page that appears for me…

Also, the issue is not that it auto plays. It doesn’t. It is that after I select the play button to see the live view, there is no way to turn the live view off again (to save battery) without exiting the app and opening it again. It would be great to just have a pause button appear if I touch the screen a second time while watching the live view.

Thanks. That might explain the difference. I’m talking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor (V1) specifically. I posted the wrong screenshot in my previous post. Here is the advanced settings page for my Wyze Cam Outdoor (V1)…

History log of the scheduled events needs to be back

I couldn’t find a history log of the scheduled events as it was in the previous version. Without the history log, it is not possible to know if cameras were actually on or off during the scheduled event.

[Mod Edit]: Your request was moved to the beta app announcement topic for better visibility to Wyze since it involves a beta work in progress that has yet to be released to production.

It’s the little things… :blush:

I just discovered a change that I really, really like. And it works on my V3, V4, OG, and WCO (V1) cams!

Now, when viewing cloud events from the main events tab, I can now zoom in or zoom out (double-tap or pinch-to-zoom…doesn’t matter) AFTER the video has finished playing! AND, I can also advance (swipe) to the next/previous event while zoomed in, whether the video is still playing or finished.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it has been to always have to anticipate when the video is about to end to make sure I zoom back out before it ends so that I could move on to the next video. If I didn’t catch it, I would have to start the video again and zoom out to then move to the next event.

I LOVE THIS! :sunny: :grin::crazy_face:

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I believe this is what you are looking for

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A V4 oddity, the red lower left is breaking daylight. Its even more color night last night. I flipped the night vision knob back and forth.

Another strangeness was in same V4 settings but was momentary. Where dark or dusk settings are, was a IR, Far, Near or Off.
I even managed to click near, nefore it disappeared.

The pic does appear to be an IR light shining off my brick wall or stones.

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Thank you for this wonderful update! I love seeing all the stuff you’ve got coming out soon and are considering for the roadmap! You are certainly listening and mentioned many of the things we’ve brought up. I am happy to see this in the beta thread!


Any idea when Wyze app 3.o will be released?

Curious about look and feel, since I am too old to use beta software.

Also curious to see if old issues are resolved and what new one have been created. :laughing:

The Newsletter sent out 5/30/24 said sometime in June:


Thanks. I got used to this layout; but change is good.

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Can you please add to the feedback on when viewing devices in the device tab, can it have a button to turn on and off devices like smart plugs and switches.

I don’t really need to add all the plugs to my favorites, but would be nice just having a quick action from within the device tab and not having to go into extra screens to simply turn on and off a device.

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