Wyze app 3.0 & Cam v4 Firmware Beta Test 6/3/2024

3.0 app Beta:


  • Android: 3.0.0.b489
  • iOS: 3.0.0(7)

What’s new:

  • Introducing the new Wyze app Home page
  • Support Split View in landscape mode for Wyze Cam V3 Pro, Wyze Battery Cam Pro, and Wyze Floodlight Pro

Wyze Cam v4:


What’s New:

  • Updated image quality to optimize brightness in dark areas, sharpness, yellowing, WDR face distortion, and sky exposure

[Mod Edit]: Corrected Android version number.


App 3.0 loaded on iPhone, but not available yet for the Android. One V4 camera updated, but the other one is out of WiFi coverage.


On either Devices or Device Groups on the Home > Devices tab, is there no longer any way to sort them in a desired order?


Updated 2 Cam v4s. No image quality differences noted, but will keep testing and update additional v4 cams tomorrow if all goes well today and tonight. Waiting for Google to release the 3.0.0.b480 app for Android.

i dont see the pencil on top of devices list to SORT the cameras the way i want to see them… this also effects device groups, as they show in same order… will this be added back?

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New beta App 3.x

Under devices it’s now alphabetical. Before we had our 4 locations divided by its location ( the main house ) then the camper then the land then the other house. So my first 5 cameras were the house. The last 4 were the house where the relative who needs care can be seen as they go onto porch or if anyone comes to visit them. Sorted alphabetically means I have to scroll through each camera and remember its name - location.

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I think this is the point of “favorites” where you can change the order however you want.

I’m not saying it good, but this is what I think the thinking is.

For Android lately, the wait has been nearly a week!


Favorites gives the advantage of being able to grab cameras in different groups (same as under the Monitoring tab), although you can have more than 4 favorites. But Favorites works only in Portrait mode with only 2 and a little bit cameras visible at the same time. A step backwards.
And on the Devices listing, no thumbnails (might be good or bad depending on needs). At least the cameras within each group can be edited as before.


Favorites wasn’t mentioned in the release it seems…

I really depend on the sort ability…
I have 86 devices right now…
If I have to rename them all to get them in any sort of order, I will surly skip 3.0!
I will sure be watching everyone’s upcoming notes on this one!

Since I am Android, I won’t be able to see it for a week I bet.

(It used to be the other way around)

If favorites isn’t the first screen that comes up, then there is just another darn layer/press to get to things I want to see.

Well I loaded them all into favorites. You can’t re-order them and it’s pretty awful to have center thumbnails that all start loading images.
Instead of adding features, it would be nice if the fllippy floppy of landscape / portrait to do stuff would be fixed.

Ya, as I said we organized by easy to manage sectional order and if I have to rename to get the Front Door to the top - I’m gonna be less than trilled. But I loaded 3 on my iPad just to see if the flip / flop landscape portrait was among the fixes - it isn’t.

You CAN re-order favorites. Just press and hold an image and drag it up or down to re-order. But that only works in favorites.


First time you run the new version, you get a bunch of what’s new pages and it is detailed there.


Groups are WAY too far away. Groups should have either their own separate tab, next to favorites…or be at the very top of the device list. OR, allow us to modify where they show up (ability to re-arrange the list of devices/groups).

As it stands currently, my 12 cameras are in two groups, indoor & outdoor. When I want to view a cam, I open the app, tap on the group and they’re all there, and I can quickly go into landscape mode if needed to view them all at once.

With the beta 3.0, I open the app, tap the second tap at the top, scroll all the way down, and then tap the group I want. This is a huge step backwards.

Additionally, this looks almost identical to the Amazon Alexa app now, which was also a huge step backwards. I understand that a major UI change like this isn’t going to please everybody, but groups are a core functionality that many people rely on for real time monitoring. I also understand that the monitor tab exists, but this is limited to four devices. The live web view is great also, but is a whole separate source.

On the Device list tab, to the right of the word Devices is a down arrow, select that and it hides the device list leaving the Device groups.


No, there is not, they are doing it in alphabetical order. The Favorites area can be re-ordered.


What a klugy mess. More iPad flip flopping. Pick a camera, rotate ( wall mounted ) except you can’t rotate a wall mounted iPad so you must lean over. As you scroll, cameras load except due to the hammering the bandwidth they show off line and then you need to reconnect. And the having to slide a camera one camera place at a time from 19 to the top was a chore.
Not good so far.