Wyze 3 Cam skipping 1 oe 2 seconds on uploaded video recordings and playack

For the last couple of months, my Cam v3 running firmware (up to date) is skipping always 1 or 2 seconds on each minute in uploaded notification videos and also on the playback feature.

Here is an example from today, it skips from 13:18:15 to 13:18:17:

This was a recording from a notification uploaded to Wyze servers.

Camera has also the original SD card purchased from Wyze, and the camera was working fine long time ago, but this issue started like 2 months ago, and I was hopping it was going to g oaway.


This is a known issue and Wyze is working on it. If you can get a camera log in the cams settings > Wyze support > submit a log, please post the log number here so I can pass it along. Thanks!


We’re currently beta testing a fix for this issue now. It’s looking good so far. No estimate for when it will be released as a production build.


Log ID is 851403


I am having the exact same problem.

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I am having this same issue- with every single event video. It will pause for several seconds and cut out the recording during that time. It is so annoying and kind of negates the whole point of having the camera in the first place. I’m glad you are working on a fix, but I hope it comes sooner rather than later. This is incredibly frustrating.


There is new firmware for v3 cameras with the build 2864 that corrects the skipping video problem. Wyze app 2.38 and Wyze Cam v3 Firmware - Released 12/15/22

Definitely not fixed.


I have the same problem with my seven v3 cams. Very annoying.

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Yep, I’ve already done a reset, formatted the sd card, changed to a new sd card, and I am still having issues…

The firmware update seemed to fix the problem for a few days, but it has returned. As was mentioned above, this issue is definitely not fixed.

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Still having this issue with v3 on firmware.

Anyone who’s still experiencing this issue please get a camera log in the cams settings > Wyze support, and post the log number here.

Log # 878415


@JCam @kevjitzoo can you share a video of what your seeing? Thanks

Same issue with

I’m also having this issue with v2 and v3 cams. Driving me insane!