Wyzecam v3 bug

Hi there, I just discovered a bug on the Wyze cam V3 units.
Because I’m a new user, I cannot send you the video footage.
To clarify:
I’m using the firmware:
I tested on 2 v3 cameras, both have the same bug.

The bug.
When looking carefully at the timecode. lets say… 7:59am when it reaches 8:00am, it actually SKIPS a minute and goes directly to 8:01 am. The bug seems to do this during EVERY hour of the day. It will skip the XX:00 hour and go to XX:01.

BTW, I tested it on the v2 and the pan scan and they are fine. This issue is only on the V3.


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Welcome to the Wyze Community @stevensgl . I am a Community Volunteer and try to help when I can.

This is interesting. I will have to check this out myself. Is this with Live Stream or Recorded Events as well?

Can you provide additional information as well:

  • Log of your V3 experiencing the issue
  • App Version you are using

I would also contact support to see what they say and to get a ticket number.

Will provide an update once I can test it out myself. I am on Beta Versions of the Firmware and App, so my experience may be different.

My V3 Firmware is
My Android App is (Recently released version)

Known bug. It’s been there for a while. This is on uSD card recordings.

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Hi there and thanks for getting back to me.
I’ve noticed in the recorded events that are stored in my sd card,

IS it fixable?
I’m using 2 different kinds of SD cards.


Good morning, @stevensgl. I just tried this on two Cam Floodlights and one Cam Pan V3, all of which have the latest firmware, and I don’t see it happening. I only tested it once, from 10:59 to 11:00, and it rolled over correctly. I’ll try it on some other times later in the day.

Hi there!
thanks for the feedback.
This is very strange. I uploaded 2 clips to my Google drive.
Feel free to take a look.
Please remember this issue is with the V3 only.


This is a known issue and I believe it was fixed in a recent update. It may still be in beta however. Make sure you keep your app and firmware up to date and it should be fixed soon.

Hi folks, both camera’s are up to date.

Should I just format the sd and see if it works?


The firmware with the fix is not released publicly yet, so you can join the beta program or just wait until the update is available to everyone.

I will probably just wait for the official release.
I certainly hope it’s sooner than later.

Thank you all for your input. It has been very useful.

Here is more info from WyzeAndy on a fix in the works in v3 Beta firmware. See the first post on this link.


I have found that after the first hour minute jumps ahead, you can do the 30 second skip back and view the missing minute.

Confirmed fixed in current beta version.
Beta version on my V3 cameras.

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That’s EXCELLENT news!!!
Any idea on when it’s going to be released?