V2 Cams consistently dropping 2-4 seconds of video

I’m down to a couple of V2 Cams that monitor an unattended area.

When I get notification of ANY motion or person detection the clip invariably skips 3 seconds of video during the 12s event recording. Even though the clip duration says 12s (12s with circlearound it) it is always 9s long and reflects that 9s in the timeline.

Here’s the kicker. The video skips at usually the most important part of the video showing what SHOULD BE the best place for Identifying people or license plates, etc.

…Oh, here’s a person, let’s see who it is… SKIP right past the person to them walking off camera.

Switching from Event to Playback show the exact same SKIP in the recording.

Wyze App version and Cam firmware are up-to-date.

Edit: I was wrong. Upon reviewing Event clips I see that some clips slip 4 seconds, some 2 seconds.


We don’t doubt you, but a V2 is not a camera, it is a version of a camera line. So the outdoor V2 would be different than the indoor V2. Which camera do you have? If all else fails the Firmware Version under Settings > Device Info will tell us.

Helps us focus on the specific issue, that’s all. :slight_smile:

The Outdoor cams will have a delay as they wake up from battery-saving slumber, tho.

I appreciate you trying to help but this is incorrect.

The product name for the camera is called the Wyze Cam V2. Just as the latest ‘version’ is called the Wyze Cam V3.

The CAM V2’s I have are on the most recent firmware:

I have restarted the cams, reformatted the SD cards, installed new SD cards, unplugged, plugged, swapped power adapters, and removed and reinstalled from scratch.

The cameras consistently drop video, making them useless as security cameras.
The Wyze App is awful at playing back video. limited to +/- 30s forward/rewind, no scroll, no 2x, 4x, slow speed, etc.

This behavior seems to have started with this firmware. Wyze stuff is unreliable, and I don’t want to have to babysit and troubleshoot devices that should just work.


Yeah, that was the original V2. Wyze only had one camera back then. :slight_smile: