Motion capture skipping events

Motion capture events skipping 3 to 5 seconds on V3 cameras. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Recording starts and when object moves past the camera it jumps past the event up to 5 seconds. I haven’t noticed it on V2 cameras, but not sure.

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White trucks gone crazy :rofl:


Let us know what firmware version is on your v3. Here is another thread on this issue.

I am currently using two V3 cameras both with the same glitch. One is running ver: the other is Both indicate that the firmware is up to date?!
Correction, I just connected a third V3 cam, and it is ver. as well. It also indicates it is up to date. I just received these cameras Dec 20/22?!

I’ve been seeing that with both my V3 cameras too. And a tearing effect as well . But not usually in playback.:thinking:

I have 3 v3 cameras and all 3 are doing the same. I have SD cards in them and even those recordings have the 2-5 second skip, or the crazy video like the magic white truck.

I haven’t bothered contacting customer service cuz…

For the love of the gods, I hope Wyze is being honest that 2023 is the year they are going to fix their legacy crap rather than introduce new toys that also don’t work.


I have the same issue on Two V3 cameras. Playing back events shows skipping and 2-5 sec drop out of moving vehicles. Wyze needs to get wise and fix this. I emptied the app cache and it temporarily fixed issue. Every week for years I seem to have new issues. As someone stated wyze needs to fix bugs on existing products before coming out with new product. Im sure Costco will eventually drop Wyze products after they see how many returns they get. Their Cameras and Software are not very stable. I guess you get what you pay for = CRAP.

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Now I’ve got a V3 camera that has been offline for the past couple hours, since I did a restart on my router. However I can still view it. . . I can’t do a restart from the app because it thinks it’s offline. . . ?! All my other devices connected to wifi after the router restart.


Had to power cycle it and now it is ok. It even recorded motion activity while it was offline?

Bugs bugs bugs :neutral_face:

I hadn’t really noticed it happening before, but now I see that all of my V2 cameras have the same skipping problem as the V3’s. :rage:
And my V3’s are missing motion capture events all the time.
Is wyze working on this problem?

School Bus Disappears.
V3 with Cam+
What is the point in having Cam+ if it does not capture the whole event.

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Try pulling the power cord on the v3 for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and see if that helps. Yes, I know we should not have to do that.

I have done that many times and got tired of doing it.
I now have three V3 cameras and two V2 cameras and they all do this.

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That only works for a few hours. . . We need a permanent fix. Customers shouldn’t have to power cycle a remote device everyday. I just got two new V3’s in December to add to my collection. I now have 9 cameras plus other sensors and switches. The newer cameras are worse than my old cameras. They often miss motion events because of this glitch.

I know that you get what you pay for, but I’ve had wyze cameras since 2018, and they worked far better then than they do now. Firmware updates seem to cause more problems than they fix.

Why do two of my three V3’s have older firmware, but the app says that they are all up to date? . . . Plus the new firmware doesn’t correct the issues anyway.

The free trial for cam plus proved to me it was not worth it as my 2 V 3 cams were constantly having issues with events not uploading. The free cam light
Fixed that issue. Wyze wants you to pay for an upgrade that is worse than their free service. As stated on my previous e mail I am having issues with event play back. Constant skipping and drop outs exactly as shown on e mail showing bus disappears. This is not acceptanle and I believe it may be illegal for Wyze to state you get a 12 second event video when its not actually 12 seconds as the event video drops out or
Skips events for 2-4 seconds. Note I have excellent
Signal strength… How many other people are having this issue. We want Wyze to hear from you. Again
Subject is upon playback of events moving item skips ahead or jumps to the point where it disappears out of view before video is finished. Speak up please.

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You are correct. Every-time Wyze comes out with new firmware update it creates new problems. I talked to Wyze about this and they told me to return the cameras to Home Depot thinking they were camera issues only to find out that same issues happened on new cameras. I placed the Old V3 cameras in the new box and got a full refund. Bottom line is that the people at Wyze are not concerned about fixing internal bugs with older products as they continue to come up with new produsts that also have bugs. They are not a professional company. That have najor software issues ant their products are not stable. I have had V 3 cams for a few years and im always having werkly issues As listed below :
Events not loading during play back
Events skipping or jumping foeward during play back.
Not receiving notifications at times.
AI picking up moving cars but it was person movment.

New firm ware creating new problems.
I have been with Wyze but they have not fixed issues and have not been there for me. Time to move on to a
Professional company that produces good stable products and have better software engineers.

My v3 cameras work great on the older firmware You could try a manual firmware flash back to an older version.

Along with the skipping on all my V2 & V3 cameras I noticed that none of them were detecting people anymore. I power cycled them all and person detection started working again. . . I just cycled them about a week ago. :man_shrugging:

Guess the only way to keep them working at all is to power cycle them every couple of days. :rage:

Not happy to see that others are having this issue of the events AND playback on V3s are playing for a couple of seconds, then they skip 5-6 seconds ahead but happy that it’s not just my cameras and other of my family member’s cameras. (which is at a different house) The playback and the event playback has been CRAP on mine for months now. It’s been skipping like crazy but probably since mid to early December this not recording/skipping 5-6 seconds has been happening and it’s infuriating. I’ve done the clearing the cache, power cycling etc and NOTHING has fixed it. I haven’t bothered to contact customer service because I haven’t had the energy to deal with their either blaming my network (even though it’s two different locations & networks that have been having the same issues) or just having me do all the steps I’ve already done. What’s the point of having these if they aren’t going to record a WHOLE event/incident? A lot can happen in the 5-6 seconds that every V3 camera decides not to record. I finally got up the energy & motivation to come to the forum to see if any other users have complained about this annoying & long standing issue with the V3 cameras.

Also realized that for the past couple of weeks it hasn’t detected People either. Just has it as “motion”.

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Zombie Mistress,
You are absolutely correct. I have also posted this issue on the forum. Both my V3 Cams have the same issue. They both skip or jump on event playback.
I have great signal strength for both cameras and the 2 cameras are skipping during the same events as the
Cameras are showing the same event but at different angles at the front of my house. Others have the same issues. This is unacceptable and Wyze needs
To get this resolved or issue refunds for their camera’s that are not performing as advertised. Seems like Wyze produces products that are not stable and they would rather come out with new products that also have issues rather than fixing existing product issues.
I believe it is also illegal for them to advertise that I should receive a 12 second event video on Cam Light when actually the video is less than that as the
Video jumps and loses many seconds of recorded
Events. Like you said , what’s the purpose for having a security camera if it mises important
Events. Their cameras are CRAP and you don’t even get what you pay for. Wyze is not a professional company and is always having major constant issues with all of their products. Their customer service is use less and they are not properly trained how to resolve issues. They play ignorant and make
Like they have not had ongoing issues. Yes they are getting new customers that buy their crap but they are also losing tons of existing customers once they also
Experience the constant product issues. Like
i said before, its a matter of time that Costco and
Other retailers drop Wyze as they will not tolerate
The large amount of returns they receive.

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I am having the same issue in regards to CAM Plus, all my event records that are on the cloud skip on playback. I did an experiment and turned off the CAM plus and allowed it to use the free 12 second 14 day storage with 5 min cooldown and only allows “motion events” Well the FREE service event videos do not skip at all, and all the cam plus event videos skip, studder, and even free then jump 10 or so seconds at times, when you watch the playback bar, you can see it jerking around. But with the free 12 second non cam plus, its all smooth and no issues. Has anyone from Wyze responded or provided any type of response to anyone?

P.S. has anyone else tried to remove the CAM Plus to see if their events are smooth with the free capture?

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