Motion capture skipping events

My observation is the issue may be related to the v3 firmware version. Two of my v3 cameras don’t skip/jump on firmware ending with .139. One v3 on firmware ending with .3406 I have to pull the power cord every couple of days to temporarily stop the skipping

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I received a free cam plus
Trial with both my V3 cameras. With the free trial both cameras had issues with loading events to the cloud.
When the free trial ended I whet on the free cam light
Service and the peoblem was resolved but now I have issues with skipping / jumping upon event play back. Its crazy for Wyze to give you a free trial wich has more bugs than their free cam light free service. Wyze was nice to give me a free trial and it convinced me
That it was not worth the 1.99 per month.


All my v2s and v3s have been doing this for the past week or more, regardless if they’re on cam plus or cam plus lite. All of them are caught up on updates too.

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I have had it with Wyze. Every single one of the recordings lasts no longer than 5 seconds. I have d/l ed some videos and they are so corrupted that they won’t even playback. Apparently, Wyze stops caring about it’s customers AFTER they have purchased the cameras. I get people walking in front of the camera and sometimes it isn’t recorded. As these cameras are sold as a security device, they fail miserably. It’s time to find a different company that actually knows what they are doing.


All my recorded event last 5 seconds or less. Now, when I try to download the events I get a “download failed” error message. Wyze technical support is non-existent. I urge everyone to ditch the wyze system because they will be out of business in a few years. I am looking for input from others to a similar camera systems so I can ditch wyze.


Is wyze doing anything to correct this problem?

This has been an issue for over four months, and I haven’t seen any updates to fix this bug.

Very frustrating! :rage:

+1/upvote the frustration factor on this. :face_exhaling:
FWIW a full power cycle of my v3 Pro cameras (2) did clear up the issue. 2+ weeks and counting and no reoccurrence. Also have not observed skipping video on WOC, v2 pan or OG.
Still, the vast majority of my cameras are v2 and v3, and all show skipping video events. So there’s that.

I can definitely confirm that if you don’t power down all your V2 & V3 cameras every few days the skipping and data loss will become worse. After a few days the AI person detection will cease to function as well

It is fortunate for Wyze that most of their new or prospective customers don’t know about this forum. It is likely that they would never sell any cameras if they did.

I have a v3 that has been on the new firmware ( for one week now. Have not needed to power cycle it and the skipping video is gone.

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Where did you get that update?!?!?!?!

I have eight cameras all showing that their firmware is up to date.
one V3 w/ firmware -
two V3 w/ firmware-
five V2 w/ firmware -

My one v3 that was on said it had an over the air update available last week. I was happy to try on it since .3406 had the skipping freezing video. My other v3 cameras are on and the App says they are up to date.

The BIN file is available on this link if you want to try manually flashing your camera firmware.

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Thanks StevenA
They must have only pushed the update to some customers.
I think I’ll wait, don’t want to brick my cameras. Wyze has enough problems with their updates as it is.

Happy to hear they may finally have a fix for these problems . . . several months after the issues first appeared :roll_eyes:.

I wonder if they plan to release an update for the V2’s as well?

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Here is info on the new firmware last week. The Wyze Team does say it will be a gradual release.


Check your v3 Device Info settings from the Home button. I just got prompted to update all my v3 cameras that were on this evening. Hopefully, you will get prompted to update too.


Thanks you were right.

They pushed the updates to me for all my V3’s hopefully the update corrects the issues we’ve been having.
Any word on if they are working on a fix for the V2’s as well?

Don’t suppose you know anything about writing code in PlatformIO :grinning:

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I am not sure about v2 fixes as I only have v3 cameras. Maybe post your v2 issues on the Fix-It-Friday thread.

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All of mine do this every time there is motion. It shows the first second or two then freezes and when it shows again the “motion” is gone. I never get to see what or who or anything at all! It’s ridiculous. I thought it was some kind of recording setting ( silly I see now) but I couldn’t find a way to make it stop. I don’t even check the cameras anymore because of this. It’s the same as not even having security cameras it feels like! I have 2 panV3s and a doorbell pro. The doorbell is amazing, never any issues. The others are garbage.

My v2 cams started doing that. Wyze Support told me to do factory reset by pressing the bottom button. Problem solved.