Why Can’t I switch cameras from CamPlus to CamPlus Lite?

Understand. Just suggesting things may be more generally bolloxed because of an ongoing transition. Kind of like when they were revamping the events list page and adding the thumbnail slideshow a while back. Could be totally off base.

Not really sure what’s going on. I know it DID work and now it doesn’t. No idea what is happening behind the curtains.

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@WyzeSeth seems like a web issue, could you take a look?

Doesn’t work in the app, either.

Yes, it doesn’t work in the app, but it could be because the server portion isn’t updating stored values on the server. Or the app isn’t sending the correct values to the server. Either way, there’s no way to tell unless you’re debugging the code.

But my guess is it’s the server. There’s a low probability that both the browser and the app are wrong at the same time.

This problem happened to me today and now I am very upset. It is now outside of customer support hours so I can’t contact them.

Last night I reconnected and set up two v2 cams I hadn’t been using for a while. I assigned one or both of them to CamPlus. Of my other cameras, only 2 or 3 were on the CamPlus plan and all the others (about 15) were still on CamPlusLite. (I bought the unlimited CamPlus plan late last year.)

I do not want all my cams on CamPlus as I don’t want nor need them to be uploading unlimited length event videos to the cloud 24/7. The short CamPlusLite clips are all I want.

Now I have discovered that ALL my cams are now on CamPlus, showing tons of long event videos in the app’s Event tab.

I’ve tried removing them from the CamPlus plan but it does not work.

In the app on my Android phones, under Account - Services, all my cams are now listed under Cam Plus and none under Cam Plus Lite. When I tap on a camera in the list, nothing happens. When I click “Add Cameras” option, it lists all the cameras with selected checkboxes by them. I can unselect the checkboxes, but the change is not retained; they always go back to being all selected. Besides, this popup window only has a “Close” option, not a “Save” option so it is not clear to me whether the changes are supposed to be saved when you click “Close”. But even unselecting the checkboxes and scrolling up/down thru the list results in them being selected again,

On my iPad, under Account - Services - Cam Plus, when I tap a camera in the list, it shows a popup window. The popup at first shows two options, “Unassigned camera”, and the selected camera name with a checkbox by it. Unselecting that checkbox makes the popup close, but does not remove the camera from the list. Selecting “Unassigned camera” (this must by a typo for “Unassign camera”) sometimes removes the camera from the list (yay) but then if I navigate anywhere else and back, it shows up in the list again. So the unassignment does not really work.

On the wyze.com website, under Account - My services - Cam Plus - Select cameras, it lets me deselect the cameras with varying results. When I deselect all and click the “Update Cameras” button, it shows message “Cameras on Cam Plus successfully updated” and shows now Select cameras (2/99) as if now only 2 are left on the plan. Sometimes it shows (5/99) or other random numbers. But whenever I refresh the page, it is back to all my cams being on the plan (20/99).

In the app, I am not able to add any cams to Cam Plus Lite, as it shows a message that it can only be assigned to cameras without a paid subscription (and all the cams are stuck on the paid Cam Plus subscription).

Please, is there any way to remove them from Cam Plus, without setting them up from scratch? I feel ready to unplug them all and throw them all in the trash.

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That’s exactly what the problem is. I have cameras that I don’t want recording on the cloud. The only way to stop them now, is to temporarily set “Event Recording” to off.

@WildBill can you please confirm whether this has been fixed with the v2.50 app release in production? If you’re still having the problem I’d like to post this on Fix-it-Friday again.

I just checked it out on my Samsung Android phone, with the new app version 2.50. It looks like the Services screens may have changed (I can’t find my prior screenshots right now so am not sure). But I’m still not finding a way to remove cams from the Cam Plus Unlimited service or switch them back to Cam Plus Lite. If anyone else finds a way, let us know.

There is a new intriguing message shown on the Services screen:
“COMING SOON! We are working on a completely new service that will deliver an incredible experience. Hang tight!”

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It’s my understanding that these backend changes are what is holding up being able to switch back and forth, and that there was a chance the 2.50 app might help fix it. That is why I hoping it would work now that it was officially released.

I’m sure it will at least get fixed whenever they launch whatever it is they said they are working on since it seems to be related to some of those backend changes, but it would be good to get it fixed before then if possible.

I’m going to assume it’s still not working then, but if anyone else tries or confirms either way, please let me know. :+1: Until then, I submitted it back into Fix-it-Friday

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Still non functional.

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Tested via the website and it isn’t working there either.

The website is working for me, but the (Android 2.50.437) app is still broken – as far as adding cameras to Cam Plus Lite goes.

Doesn’t work via app nor website for me. I remove a camera from CamPlus on the website, but it immediately adds it back. Can’t move any of my cameras to Lite.


Can we get some people to go post logs for Jason to give to the devs?

Also, please don’t just expect that everyone else will send logs. If it is affecting you, please submit one. It helps them to know how widespread an issue is. If only 1 person submits logs for something, it can sometimes appear as an isolated incident instead of a high-impact issue.

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Not sure how to submit a log when the interface for CamPlus Unlimited no longer allows management of cameras. Just says changes are coming and wait.

Looks like you are in “Services”.

In the App, try going to Account - Wyze Support - Submit a Log.

From there, you should be able to select Account and Services to submit a log.

Not really the point. I know how to submit the log. What I don’t see at this point is how to attempt the action of moving a camera from CamPlus Unlimited to CamPlus Lite in order to get the information needed for the log. No action, no logging.

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