System Down? Service Advisory Email 📨 Alert

Here’s how to set up a Forum-based Service Advisory Email Alert to get a timely* warning.

* Generates an email shortly after Staff (or Mods) post a Forum topic tagged Service Advisory (generally to the News category.)




The official live web page:


And some words to the wise from the most recent email.

Original Post by @loki:

Fellow Wyze users: your volunteer Moderator and Maven teams are aware of a service outage that is affecting some users and devices. We are in the process of alerting Wyze staff to get an update. Please stand by and look for an update soon.

Our advise is to not attempt to delete or reinstall the app or Wyze devices at this time. That is not likely to resolve the issue and will probably result in additional steps needed after the outage is resolved.


Thanks PeepPeep

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Some useful tools. :hammer_and_wrench:

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Since @peepeep posted the guide above and I mentioned receiving notifications from Wyze’s Discord server in a topic about the most recent outage (which the frog mentioned elsewhere), I figured I’d post a few screenshots in case anyone else wants to see how I set Discord for this. Note that these screenshots are from using Discord in a browser, but I receive the notifications from the Discord app running on my phone.

First of all are the notification settings for the Wyze server itself (right-click the Wyze server icon in the left column to activate this menu). I don’t recall changing these, so they may be the user defaults, but I have it set to notify me only of @‍mentions (so either mentions by name or by whatever “@‍groups/roles/whatever” I’m in, at least as I understand it). I also want mobile push notifications enabled:


Next, I right-click the service-advisory channel and select All Messages under Notification Settings:


Incidentally, I did the same thing for the software-updates channel to receive Discord push notifications whenever releases of app or firmware updates are announced:


There are probably different/better ways to do this (@carverofchoice wrote that some users mute the entire server except the service-advisory channel), but this is how I’ve chosen to do it as a non-power-user of Discord.


This is excellent! The screenshots are very helpful.

This is basically what I do with all the other discord servers I have joined to ensure I only get notifications about their important posts like updates or current issues. :+1:

Thanks for taking the time to write that out for anyone interested in doing it for the future. Hopefully such things are rarely needed.


You’re welcome, and thanks for the feedback.

That’d be my hope, as well, but I’m glad this post exists to point to some potentially useful tools, just in case. I just wanted to add this one to the toolbox. Hopefully others’ll find it helpful.