Wyze Notification, Status Update, and Rules Delay - 8/28/20

UPDATE 9:57 PM PT - Thank you for your patience. We are working through the notification and status change backlog and expect this to be resolved by 5 AM PT or earlier. During this time, you may experience delayed notifications, repeated notifications, or actions (such as turning on or off a device) that you requested during the maintenance occurring quickly. We are sorry for any difficulty that may cause.

8/28/20 6:30 PM PT - Products such as Wyze Sense, Wyze Bulb, and Wyze Cam may have delayed notifications, status updates, or Rules due to our cloud service provider performing IoT maintenance. Your ability to view Wyze Cam live streams will be unaffected. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue.


@WyzeGwendolyn I was wondering what was going on. I started rolling firmware back because I thought there were issues with that. Now I know I’m not going crazy.

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Nope! Not going crazy. Sorry about that! :grimacing:


Barry, I wouldn’t go that far. :rofl:


When will this be resolved??

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@pritchardbrittani Welcome to the Wyze community! See the thread below for answers on this issue. It usually take a few hours to resolve from past experience.


Thanks for the heads up, while I replaced all my door sensors!!!

When will it be up?

My WCO is completely offline. I can’t connect for a live stream. I am hoping it is due to this outage as things were great for 2 weeks and then WHAMO nodda. I’ve been messing with it for hours then I got a note in the app stating there was a problem but live streams should work. I’ve reset everything, re-paired things, and nodda from my WCO. I have turned it off and am charging it now. Once fully charged I’ll re-pair it with the base again and hope for the best.

Stability has been a real problem ever since the round of updates which incorporated functionality for WCO. I hope you all get things stable soon as this is frustrating as can be!

When will it be resolved and up?

What ever happened to the “Golden IT rule”?



They do not know when it will be up yet, this thread will be updated as soon as they know.


Well the sensors don’t work right but the lights come on when I tell Alexa to turn them on.
I Knew something was up


It’s Friday :upside_down_face:


It’s still down. Any resolution time ?

I was about to reach out support my sensor are ties to alarm system and it has gone mad

Ewe, I’m slowly learning that WYZE products should be considered toys to constantly play with and nothing stable that you would want to use for real security.

Unfortunately, that’s just the reality of the current situation.


Any update.

Shouldn’t it be standard practice for them to do these things in the middle of the night and not prime time on a Friday afternoon/evening?