Sound not working in saved videos after iOS16 update

So unfortunately my home was involved in an arson the week before last, fortunately the four wyze cameras I had were able to get multiple videos of the criminal in my home before he destroyed them. A few days ago I updated my iPhone to iOS16 and came to realize when speaking with a detective that I had lost all of the sound in my videos. The sound and what the criminal was saying is CRUCIAL evidence that needs to be heard by the authorities working on the case.

Please can someone help point me in the right direction on how to get the sound back in my already saved videos. This has been a stressful enough time for my family and I, having the audio go out on videos that once played sound with no issue, is a major major problem right now!

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Did you save the videos to to iCloud? Can you try another Apple device like iPad that has not been updated.

What do you mean save it to iCloud? I don’t have any iCloud storage?

It won’t save the video with sound to my phone which was updated (just without sound and greyed out) but the same video did fine playing sound & being saved on the non-updated device.

How can you have an iPhone without out iCloud storage, mine came with 5GB of free storage but I just up dated it to 50GB for $11.88 a year or 99 cents a month. If you downloaded the events to your phone photo album you can also see them on your iPad photo album also. iPad iOS 16 is not available until maybe October.

Let’s clarify a couple things. You said the cameras recorded the bad guy before he destroyed the cameras. Do you mean that there are Wyze cloud recordings (presumably meaning you have CamPlus - no relation to Apple iCloud), or do you mean uSD card recordings (and they survived the fire), or were you watching it live and pressed the button to record in the App while you were watching it live? All three of those have VERY different record functions and how you play them back is VERY different. And therefore, where we go from there is different.

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Video saved to iPhone (iCloud) photo album. No sound available on iPhone with iOS 16. Works fine on iPad with iOS 15.7 has sound. Emailed to myself, works on Windows 10 PC with sound.
Disregard the spider :rofl:

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I don’t backup my photos to iCloud because I’m out of storage. Is that really that odd? And I don’t sync photos so no my 16gb iPad does not share photos with my 100+gb iPhone. I don’t even understand why that apple information of how I back up things matters? The problem is the updated device has no sound on my event videos. But maybe I’m confused

I have two Apple devices iPhone and iPad, one Apple Account which contains iCloud for both devices. Have you looked at your storage? Setting, on the top of the page tap on your name where it says Apple I.D. iCloud, Media and see what the next page shows.

I don’t use iCloud for photo storage so I don’t see why it matters. Am I missing something? My problem is Wyze event videos since the update. It has zero to do with photo storage or iCloud. There is zero sound when you play the video on the Wyze app. It’s a Wyze problem.

I will say I have 5gb of total space on each device in the area you’re referring to. But I don’t use either for photo storage and I don’t want to. I actually back one up to my computer as a device backup. I used google photo since it’s free for any online pictures I want to keep.

I brought up iCloud to the OP @lindsaybashley88 because if it is used and they have another Apple device not using iOS 16 like an iPad the videos with sound would work on it. If the videos are saved in the phone album on the iPhone they could be transferred via email, Air Drop, Google drive or whatever to a device not on iOS 16. Also a card reader connected to the iPhone would enable them to have useful videos to download and share. I don’t really care if you use iCloud or not, it is just convenient if you have other Apple devices. Maybe WYZE should ask Apple what they changed with iOS 16 since all the videos work fine with iOS 15.7 and below.

Drop the conversation about iCloud - it does not relate. lindsaybashley88, can you please answer my question of about 3 hours ago (starts with “Let’s clarify a couple things.”. It will substantially help in where to go from here.

  • corrected who the question was directed to -
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You posed the question to the OP @lindsaybashley88 . And yes iCloud does relate for the OP if they have another Apple device.

Only if it is a recording to his phone. If he is talking about uSD card or Wyze cloud recordings, iCloud does not matter.

This is what the OP said (Already saved videos) as on the Phone. Probably download events from Wyze to the phone album.

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To clarify, yes I had viewed the 12 second events on the wyze app and saved the videos to my photo album from there. The audio worked on every video until I updated my phone. Unfortunately, I had updated my iPad as well. And now when I try to take any of those videos and send them to an email, they are now sent without audio (even if being viewed on a non-iOS device.)

Sorry to hear that. I’ll try another shot at it with another camera. I already saved a video file with sound from today to my iPhone on iOS 16 and you are correct it did not play sound, it is grayed out. My iPad is on iOS 15.7 and I played the same downloaded video and it had the sound.? The same video was also sent to my windows PC via email and it played with sound. I’ll try some other experiments. What iOS is on the iPad, iOS 16 has not been released yet for that.
Ok: I just made this event video from a V3 on Cam Plus and downloaded the video from the app events page to my phone which has iOS 16, it plays sound ?? and it’s noisy.

Since you were able to originally hear the audio from the Wyze cloud videos, that means that the videos on the cloud DO have the audio. The issue is that your iPhone does not play them after the iOS update for whatever reason. If the iPhone did play the audio before the update, that means that the files stored on your phone DO have the audio. I don’t deal with iPhones enough to answer this one. Can you connect a USB cable to your phone and download the files to a computer? That is easy enough to do on an Android, but I don’t know about iPhones.
One off the wall suggestion is to log onto your Wyze account from a friends iPhone that has not been updated or an Android and look at your events on the cloud and download them from that device. That of course will only work for 14 days before they are deleted from the Wyze cloud servers.

Apple is convoluted, you need different cables for everything. A card reader with a lightening cable to USB cable would work from a iPhone, USB C to USB is needed for iPad for external drives. I have a USB to USB C memory stick for the iPad and a Lightening cable to USB Cable also for the car charger. Confusing yes :upside_down_face:

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Lindsay, I have lost all sound recording on my Wyze camera since iOS16 update (going on 5 days now).
Wyze are aware there is a problem with some customers who have updated their Apple devices to iOS16 and now have lost sound recording abilities.

Can anyone having audio issues tell me their exact OS version in settings > general > about, and your exact phone model name next to the OS version. Also, please take an app log next time your not able to hear the sound. Go to account > Wyze support > submit a log. Post all the requested info and the log here. Thanks!