Update bugs

Updated last night now video cloud events are shorter. Videos do not show the 20 seconds after object leaves view, which is not an issue. What is an issue is sound recorded events that didn’t have a sound . No motion or sound for the event to trigger. The other issue is many cloud event clips with no video while I have cam plus. I get the green question mark a lot.

Let me guess, you are on an iOS device, and you have version 16 of iOS. The audio on recordings on iOS 16 devices is well documented on the forum. Apple made a change that broke it and Wyze not fixed the Apple change yet.

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I’ll try to explain it again. I have audio on motion event clips. The problem is sound recorded events, not motion recorded events with audio. With Wyze there is a setting for sound activated video events clips. These sound activated event clips are being triggered for no reason and a lot more than usual. I barely got any sound triggered events unless there was a loud noise, but now I’m getting them a lot for no reason

If you listen to the sound in the events it falsely recorded, is there anything? Try decreasing the sensitivity of sound recording

The sensitivity setting is set to 1. When I play a sound recorded event there is no audio, it’s silent. As if the mic was turned off. On motion activated events i can hear audio fine. Before the update I would get a sound recorded event once in a while and I could hear the audio that triggered it, but now I’m getting them a lot with no audio. I don’t understand it. So I just turned of “record sound events”.

Beta or production? These issues should be reported in the announcement threads, whichever the case. This is a user-to-user forum, but Wyze is likely looking in those locations. Just search for the version number.

Thank you will do

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