If you use the Wyze App on IOS, update to 16.6.1

If you use the Wyze App on IOS, be sure to update to 16.6.1.

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I updated my iPhone 14 Pro to IOS 16.6.1 and I immediately lost sound on all videos that are uploaded to the server on all my cameras. The live feed and video from the SD card are fine. Just uploaded videos. Yes the record sound switch is on. I had this happen a few months ago with an iOS update and the sound didn’t work for weeks until Wyze fixed the issue. I have not updated my wife’s iPhone yet and the sound continues to work on her phone so I know the Ios update caused the issue for me. If anyone has a fix let me know but I think I will be without sound until a fix comes from Wyze.

Sorry you have no sound. I updated to 16.6.1 because I use Apple Wallet. I did not notice an issue with Wyze sound as all my cameras are inside looking out and I have Record Sound switched off

I installed iOS 16.6.1 the day it was issued and all my cams record sound with cloud events on iPhone SE2020. V3 cams, V3 Pro cam and event the version one WCO cams.

I wonder if the No Sound issue is affecting both Cam Plus and Lite or one or the other.

I have cam plus and cam plus lite and have no sound issues on the videos.
I record sound on the event videos but I do not record “sound events” since all of my cams are out doors.

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I have 1 V3 cam on cam plus and 2 V2 cams on cam lite. All 3 cams have no sound on event recordings. I don’t know why but I am guessing that losing sound is not happening to that many customers. The last time this happened I called Waze support and we tried lots of things but in the end they told me to wait for a fix at a later date.

What about ios 15?
Still millions of these ios devices functioning perfectly OK.

You are correct. I have an old iPad on iOS 15 and the sound works fine on event recordings on it. That tells me all 3 cameras are set-up correctly. I figure it is something in iOS 16 and the Wyze app. I keep hoping for an update from Wyze that fixes the issue on iOS 16 but I doubt it.