IOS or Android

I only have a iPhone 13 pro max and thought that Wyze was comparable. but since I have never been able to listen to sound notifications or record videos and have the sound with them I am going to have to get something just to check my events. what is the most recommended device to use for the Wyze app since I was LIED to about compatibility?

cool thank you, i’ve only had the system for a couple months and I keep my phone fully upgraded at all times. hopefully they release the beta soon because I’ve not been happy since I first tried to record feedback that should have been reported for my safety to the authorities on oct 5. when I contacted support they said it had been an issue for others as well. I could have had the illegal hacker dealt with then but since he hacked my router and controls my system I have to sleep armed and hope I don’t get killed in my sleep. I’ve been very unhappy so far unfortunately

Nothing wrong with your iPhone 13 (well, other than it’s an Apple product :grinning: )
Presumably you are running iOS version 16. Apple made a change that affected the Wyze app on iOS 16. I heard here a day or two ago that the latest Wyze version fixed the Apple caused problem.
Although my primary phone is an Android, I have a work forced on me iPhone 8 that has iOS 15 and was not affected by the Apple change in iOS 16.
So, if what I heard was correct, update to the latest Wyze app.

I have an iPhone Xs with iOS 16 on it. I don’t have any issue with sound. I am running the latest beta.

Make sure you have the Record Sound toggle turned on for the cameras as well.

As others said, it’s a change apple made and Wyze has just now fixed it in beta. It works for me in the latest beta app (it didn’t before), so hopefully that app with be released soon and you will have your sound back :slight_smile: