I can't get app notifications from Wyze after installing IOS 15.3

I am unable to get any camera recording notifications on my iphone after installing IOS 15.3 update. I have tried every troubleshooting thing I can find oniine and nothing is working. I don’t get notifications for any of the other apps on my phone either so I know it’s an issue with the update. I have an iphone 8S. Does anyone else have this same issue and have you figured out how to fix it, short of having to reset the phone back to factory settings and starting all over?

I have iOS 15.3 and have no issues with notification from anything, I get them all day long. You should check you phone settings, Go to notification and check each app


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Can you provide your Wyze App version and iPhone Model.

I am still on 15.2 on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and Wye App Ver 228.0 (a11) still getting notifications, but will update to see if I am seeing the same behavior.

@spamoni4 could you possibly test as well?


No problem receiving notifications on iOS 15.3 here either. Using production Wyze app 2.28.0 (a11).

Make sure iOS Do Not Disturb is off (I have it on right now):

I have an iPhone Xs and my wife has a 13 pro. We are able to get notifications without issue.

So I am now installing 15.3 and will try again.

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How do you figure out which Wyze App version you have? I have an iphone 8plus

Good luck and thank you.

Open the app, go to account on the far right bottom open it. Scroll down to the bottom and tap About, that will show what version app you have. The one above is app setting for clearing the cache from the app. Current app is 2.28.0 (a11)

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Just finalized the install, sorry for the delay.’

I am still receiving notifications as expected. Have you looked at the App Settings on your iOS device to make sure the Notification for the app has not been turned off?

It says 2.28.0(a11)
Am I supposed to be clearing my cache? I haven’t done that either.

Yes clear it, it may take 2 taps. Your wyze app in the notification section of your phone setting should look like this

No worries. I have checked the notifications and they are all turned on. I have also turned it off, rebooted my phone and then turned the notification back on again. Still nothing works. I think I’m going to go to the AT&T store tomorrow and see if this is something they are doing to my account from their end. No one else out there seems to be having this issue but me. Thank you for your help. ~ Theresa

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They’ll probably try to sell you a new phone :rofl:

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I might need one if I can’t get this figured out. I can’t handle not get my notifications. It is the worst thing ever! Laughing
Thanks again.