hey folks, so i did turn on all the notifications already, but i didn’t receive any single notification from the wyze to my phone. is there anyone who know to fix this? thank you🙏

Which camera are you using ?
Are you using iOS app 2.46.1 (4) ?
I have my notifications turned off as you can see by the line through the Bell icon on top of the app.

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yeah it was ios, and the bell was on too, idk why no notification, and im using the v3 pro 2k

I have a V3 Pro using iOS and my cam has Cam Plus. I get to many notifications that is why I have them turned off when home during the day.

I haven’t been getting notifications for months.
Never heard back from support.
I have two different camera models, three cameras altogether…
I just stopped getting notifications one day.
I’ve reset, reinstalled, rebooted the app, the cameras and my phone settings.
Now and then I’ll get one but it’s rare.
I’m about to ditch it all for another brand.