No Notifications on iPhone 11 Pro

I have iPhone 11Pro, iPhone 6s, and iPad. Notifications from my cameras come through fine on my 6s and iPad, but no notifications show up on the iPhone 11 Pro. I have the notifications for the Wyze app set up the same on all three. Any ideas why the notifications don’t appear on the 11?

I do not use Apple products but from what you are describing I would check the notification settings on the 11 Pro phone itself for the WYZE app. Possibly one of the other @mavens who use Apple can guide you where to look.

Thanks! I’ve just realized that notifications from other apps are not coming through on the 11 either, though all are working fine on the other devices. Must be an iPhone 11 thing. Hopefully some Apple @maven can help out! Meanwhile I’ll try googling the issue.

When you say “I have the notifications for the Wyze app set up the same on all three”, are you saying the app settings all match, or the system settings for the apps all match? Both should be true, but I’m wondering if you looked at Settings > Wyze app > Notifications.

Also, all apps having issues can be caused by Settings > Do Not Disturb.

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As far as the phone, in pretty much whichever IOS go to Settings, Notifications, scroll down to Wyze and make sure Allow Notifications is set on. As far as the Wyze app be sure the allow notifications bell in the top right corner of the main screen does not have a slash thru it (off).

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Notifications were turned OFF for WYZE on my iPhone X. Turning it on solved the problem.
Now I’m getting flooded with notifications from both my WYZE Cam and the Outdoor CAM!
Now I can tweak the sensitivity settings!
The cameras are super!

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