Only 1 of 5 cameras sending notifications

I have 5 new Wyze cams set up and working (can stream from all). Problem is only one ever sends notifications. I have verified all the cams are up to date firmware and exact same settings. Any insight is appreciated! Oh, I’m on iOS (up to date).

Just curious but did you buy the cams directly from Wyze and do their MAC addresses all begin with 2C:AA:8E:39 ?

I purchased from and as an update, I found the one setting I was missing on 4 of the cams. All are sending notifications now!


What setting were you missing


My cames are doing the same thing, what setting were you missing!

My notification settings were all on but I was missing the event recording setting. In a nutshell, it was set to send notifications for events but requires the event recording setting enabled as well.


Thank you for letting us know as it could help others.

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