There is no sound watching event with an iPhone

There is no sound when watching event record from my iPhone, but on an other iPhone there is sound for the same event. When I watch live streaming there is sound on all device. Also the record sound is select in the advance settings. I’m using the latest software for the cam v2 and on my iPhone. Can you help me found why there is no sound for a particular iPhone watching event?

It happens occasionally to my wife and I. Her iPhone will play sound for a Wyze clip and mine won’t or vise versa. Inevitably it turns out to a setting on the phone is out of whack. Force close the app then restart the phone. Open a web browser when the phone reboots and pick a YouTube video you know has sound. If you hear that then launch Wyze and check again.

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I follow your step and it doesn’t work :frowning: I keep searching!

Sorry Yves,

Next step would be to open a support ticket.

The speaker icon needs to be unmuted and sound turned on on the phone.

Find it, I didn’t know I can turn off sound watch event. It’s working now. Thank you!

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