No Audio For Web View Event Videos

When viewing my events at work on my laptop’s browser (webview), I noticed none of the videos have sound even though I set it up to detect sound. My livestream has sound when I unmute it on my laptop, but my events do not. When I view my Events videos on my phone using the wyze app, I am able to unmute and hear sound just fine - so I know they have sound. I just can’t figure out how to get sound on my laptop. Any advice?

Webview currently doesn’t have sound. It’s a known issue. Webview is in beta, so bugs are expected.

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But the Livestream has audio. Just not the Events?

Yes, for a long time live stream had no audio either, they are slowly getting everything implemented and don’t have the audio for events working yet.


I have the exact opposite problem and it’s been this way for a long time. When I am notified of a sound event I can hear the sounds on my Iphone using the Wyze app. However, when I play the same video on my desktop computer on the I get no sound. There is a speaker icon to click but it does nothing.

[Mod Note]: Your post was moved to this related topic as your issue diverts the topic by changing it midstream. Audio is not yet support for Web View events.

I got similar issue. In my case…

Any cameras with Cam Plus - doesn’t have sound in Web View Event videos but it does in live view.

Any cameras with Cam Plus Lite - does play a sound in Web View Event videos though it is not supported in live view.

I don’t know if there is a workaround on this issue with Cam Plus. I have tested it on different PCs/MACs, browsers, ISPs and VPNs. Good thing is that the sound works on Event videos (w/ Cam Plus) in Wyze App as it should but not in Web View.