Fix-It Friday 10/7/2022

Fix-It Friday Callout

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday!

And it’s the first Friday of the month, you know what that means. it means it is time for this month’s Fix-It-Friday callout! :tada:

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support, our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

  • We’ll make a post on the first Friday of the month in every community (Core Community on Facebook, Forums, Reddit, and Discord).
  • Check the comments. If you see any other comments with issues that you’re facing, vote for them with a like (the heart button at the bottom of their reply)
  • Got something new? Reply to our post with the top issue that you’re facing this week with your Wyze products to help loop us in.
  • We’ll grab the top comment from each community and make a follow-up post on Monday to detail what those issues are and how we plan to fix them. If we need more info from the community to help figure out what’s going on, we’ll let you know on Monday - so please make sure to take a look!
  • The following Mondays in the month, we’ll be posting updates about our progress on Fix-It Friday submissions.
  • Sometimes Mondays are actually Tuesdays if we don’t get all the info we need on time for posting on Monday. Our apologies! :sweat_smile:
  • Remember, this is for existing things that aren’t working right. If you are looking for a new feature or for us to add functionality that’s not already available, please use our Wishlist instead!

We’re constantly working on improvements for everyone. But we hope that this process will both help us prioritize issues that are important to our communities and help you feel more in the loop. :slight_smile:

Got a request for something new or an additional feature? Check our Roadmap to see if it’s in the works or check out our Wishlist for new requests.

If you want to see how this works, you can check this previous Fix-It Friday post:


Minimum Comfort Zone Missing

Page 19 of the T-Stat User Guide indicates the aforementioned. However, being in Auto Mode, I cannot change the default of 5 degrees. Matter of fact, I don’t even have a menu to allow this to be changed.

Can we get this corrected so that we can set the delta between Heat and Cool.



Doorbell no video stream and not capturing motion still waiting for a fix. Yet again today doorbell rang but could not view the stream for so many minutes i lost track of how long. And of course no event videos at all.
Log 740678


Thermostat missing detailed insights graph for some users


Please allow us to change the color scheme from the almost unreadable light green on white.


Air Purifier - Indoor AQI History says “Past 24 Hours” but it is actually just the “Current Calendar Day”

It would be preferred to have at least a rotating view of the previous 24hrs showing (or more).

But if that isn’t going to happen, the wording needs to be updated to “Current Calendar Day” or something similar.

Current Calendar Day is an ineffective way to do this though. If someone goes to bed before midnight then they will NEVER see what their AQI is/was like during their first few hours of sleep, making the history totally pointless for that time period. At the very, very least we need to be able to see the previous day too, though hopefully more in the future, but regardless, currently the words are wrong. It should not say Past 24 Hours because at 1am it’s only showing the past 1 hour not the past 24 Hours.


Multiple reports of the Original Door Lock not updating battery level nor allowing calibration

A couple examples can be found in the following thread:


Commercial Removal from Wyze app

I know its always about the money but I have already bought and paid for my Cam v3s and just want to use them without commercials popping trying to sell me service. PLEASE STOP IT. Or just tell me how to make the popups with the cat opening the refrigerator STOP




Anyone at wyze paying attention? Can’t be that hard to shut this crap off. I don’t need a reminder every 24 hours. I don’t want it. Quit spamming your customer base. Nice business model


I’d like to see Wyze release a Floodlight where we can adjust the light temperature. I can’t stand the current cool white color and reducing the brightness doesn’t make it a warmer color. Ideally it would be great if we could change colors via the app, like with the Wyze color bulb.


Why do we have to continually vote for what appears to be an almost endless list of bugs or issues, hoping Wyze will deem them worthy of fixing? Why doesn’t Wyze simply organize all the bugs in a database and start working through them? The support system should be able to prioritize the issues so that appropriate resources can be allocated to ultimately work through and solve most, if not all, the problems.


Everything in this list is looked into and added to their bug tracker, as well as bugs reported to support and in the beta category. The chosen bugs are just the ones prioritized and reported back on.

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So, for my edification, exactly how many bugs/issues is Wyze tracking in their bug tracker and how many are likely to receive any attention due to Fix-it-Friday? I suspect the ratio of tracked vs. prioritized here is quite low.


Mavens and Moderators are user volunteers. We don’t have access to Wyze’s internal systems and metrics.

Just responding to @IEatBeans statement. I fully understand that you are volunteers. I’ve seen many of you move into the Mavens and Moderators groups over the last few years. I just find it disingenuous on the part of Wyze to implement Fix-It Fridays as some way to actually address problems. There are far too many issues for a poll like this to have much of an impact on anything, especially considering the shear number of issues one can find throughout the forum, let alone the other places/websites available to report problems with Wyze hardware and software.


IEatBeans’s statement is accurate, including the stated purpose:


Hi, folks! :grinning:

Welcome back to our Fix-It Friday follow-up. Let’s get started.

Forum - Thermostat minimum comfort control zone is missing from settings

We’re looking into this! We’ll let you know if we have any questions.

Core - Wyze Sense Hub reporting incorrect times that sensors are triggered :clock430:

We’re checking the info we received! Thank you for the details.

Reddit - Wyze Outdoor Cam gets stuck at 1/3 without reset of the base station :one:

We’ve forwarded this to the PM! We’ll let you know what we hear back.

Discord - Thermostat is missing detailed insights graph for some users :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Turns out that this is actually working as intended! This is the insights card. We’ve been testing it with a group of customers though it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone and we don’t have a date for when we would roll it out yet. We’re happy to hear that some of you are excited about this possible feature!.

Bonus Forum - Wyze Air Purifier AQI history graph is labeled ‘Past 24 Hours’, but does not show past 24 hours

Thanks for the callout! We’re going to change the copy to better reflect the data we’re displaying.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Discord - Wyze Video Doorbell Pro is ignoring set detection zones and reverting sensitivity settings

We are still looking for more logs to help us track down this issue. We have a couple of logs but could really use more! Here are the log instructions:

Recreate the issue and then open up the Wyze app to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Select your device from the dropdown menu, write a description of the problem with the date, time, and time zone that it occurred, and then make sure that the Send Log option is selected. Send that log to us and post the log number here as a reply, please!

Forum - Wyze Plugs have disappeared as trigger and action options in Alexa Routines :electric_plug:

We are still waiting on a response from the Alexa team on this one.

Core - Wyze Lamp Socket is set to only come on with motion at night but also turns on during the day

This should be fixed in the upcoming Wyze Cam v3 firmware update. Let us know if you still see the issue after you have updated!

Reddit - Some notifications are getting pinned and highlighted with a green color and do not clear by swiping :green_square:

We have cleared up some dev resources and should start looking into this soon.

Forum - Wyze Air Purifier Insights graph is not updating when expected :chart_with_upwards_trend:

The change for this requires both an app and firmware update. The firmware is currently in beta and the 2.36 app which contains the other half of the fix is in internal beta now. We currently expect to start the public beta for the app next week.

Reddit - Wyze Video Doorbell is getting stuck on 3/3 instead of displaying the live stream :three:

We don’t have an update for this one because the code merge is still needing to happen later this year.

Reddit - Audio out of sync on saved videos

The firmware that should fix this bug is currently going through a gradual release. We are at about 50% released so far. So if you haven’t seen it yet, just wait a bit! It will roll out to everyone over the next few weeks.

Core - Cameras appear offline in the app, though they are online and viewable

This fix is also in the gradual release firmware and should reach everyone in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your time and we will have another update next week!