Cam V3 - Did latest update change how motion detection sensitivity works?

Since I updated my camera to the latest firmware version ( it feels like something has changed drastically with how motion detection works.

  • All of my recorded events are shorter than I would expect. Like it was standard for them to be around 25 seconds previously. Now I’m hardly getting any events longer than 10 - 13 seconds. I haven’t changed any settings and my motion detection sensitivity is still set the same. But it’s almost like the motion detection sensitivity has been lowered behind the scenes or something. So at 70 it’s now behaving like I’d expect it to behave if it was set to 50.

  • Where I would normally get an uninterrupted 1 minute event when leaving my house and driving away, now it’s splitting it into 4 or 5 events that are 13 seconds long. Again pointing to some kind of change in the detection algorithm behind the scenes. Like it’s less sensitive and more prone to end recordings prematurely when it stops detecting motion for only a second or two.

  • During a big burst of activity and motion, like several trips to/from the car bringing in my groceries – Now instead of just having one 5-minute long video, it clogs up the activity feed with like 25 events that are 10 seconds each.

Now I’m also having to go into Playback and make a manual recording if I want to fully record a full period of motion in one video. Instead of just having the Event capture all of the activity in one recording automatically.

  • I’ve stopped receiving notifications for events. When I open the app, all of the events are there. It’s recording and working fine. But no notifications. I’ve double-checked that they’re enabled in the app and Android but still nothing.

I’ve force stopped the app on my phone and cleared the cache, reset my modem/router, and reset the camera but issues still persist.


Need to clarify cam type for appropriate forum community help. is Cam v3 firmware, but your title indicates Cam v2 and your tag indicates Cam Outdoor v2.


I noticed this as well with the event recordings being shorter. I’m having an issue with recording sound events as when I playback the event for sound there is no sound and I’m getting a lot more than usual. Something is definitely up with this updated firmware. I’m on cam v3 latest firmware

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I would crank it up to 100 to see what the max is that the camera can detect, then back off from there to see how the behavior changes as the sensitivity is lowered. I dont know If thats different from before etc or if the detection algorithm is changed, but you may need to find another “sweet spot”. Id comment more if it was known if you have the V2, WCO V2 or the V3 as there are different detection systems and firmware updates sprinkled in there.

Sounds like this below threads issue is at play for you since you indicate iOS in your profile. Are you on ios16?

I am on ios 16 but it sounds like he didn’t enable record sound for events. My issue is with “record sound events”. I get a sound recorded event with no sound when there wasn’t a sound to begin with. Im getting these event recordings more than usual. I have the sensitivity set to 1.

My motion recorded events have sound but are shorter than usual. Also I’m getting many clips with the question mark that could not upload to the cloud.

My mistake, I could’ve sworn I had a V2 but it turns out it’s a V3. Updated my title and tags to match now.