RESOLVED Service Advisory: Wyze devices missing from the app and login difficulties - 10/21/20

UPDATE 10/21/20 9:00 PM PT - The token and app issues have now been resolved. If you are still having difficulty with not being able to log in or see your devices in the Wyze app, please contact Wyze Customer Support.

UPDATE 10/21/20 5:44 PM PT - Some people’s devices are becoming visible and then disappearing again. We’re still not done resolving this and are working to get this stable for everyone as soon as possible.

UPDATE 10/21/20 5:21 PM PT - We found a problem with token validation and have resolved it. The service is returning to normal though it may take a little time for your devices to be visible again. Thank you for your patience.

We’re looking into the cause of Wyze devices missing from the Wyze app and login difficulties. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update with further information when we can here and through our service advisory page:


Thank you for letting us know. I am thankful that I am not having this issue but I know lots of others are. I hope Wyze can get this fixed soon!


I’m glad you’re not encountering it, too! Please link to this if you see anyone reporting these problems today.


Did you really have to wipe out all my devices to fix daylight savings?? You would think anybody with any brains would learn to “just say no” to updates!..,
Slow learner

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I thought it was just me. Just updated the app and firmware. Problems loading, logging in, and seeing recorded events.

Thank you ma’am. You deserve a raise and a vaca :+1::sunglasses:


Just sittin’ around and all my plugs and bulbs turned on by themselves went to the app and everything was gone. Glad I’m not nuts or haunted.

Yes, my cameras & plug are not on app, but I’m still getting event alerts :person_shrugging: happened right after I updated app**update cameras and plug are now on app, but events not loading

This is actually unrelated to the firmware update but I understand why you thought they were connected! We’re sorry and are working to get this resolved.


Ah yes. The night before we go out of town and leave the dogs at home with the sitter :joy:

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Same here!! Nothing, nada in the app and I am unable to view any recorded footage…

It has nothing to do with either F/W or App updates. I haven’t updated either since the last fiasco and I just lost everything on my account - no events, no cameras, no plugs, nothing.

Just typical Wyze operating procedures - make a change (either internal or external) and let the user community see if there are any problems.

We as a user group have now been promoted from Beta testers to Alpha testers.

The one good thing to have come from this is my replacement plugs (not Wyze) and replacement cameras (again not Wyze) are all tested and ready to go. Tomorrow I’ll be ‘Wyze free’ and life will be better. :laughing:

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Can confirm - all devices vanished

Just walked into the house to find everything wiped out. Thanks for posting.

And now just as fast as everything disappeared they’re back. SMH

Annndddd they’re back :slight_smile:

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What I believe is that this has to do with the newest IOS 14 “bug fix” update. Cause when I originally did the iOS 14 update it was fine, just now I did the bug fix one and once done is when it all was gone. ALSO to advice you apple alerted me that there was a security compromise with WYZE and I had to update my password. :sob:

Is everyone else seeing their devices back? Is anyone’s still missing? I’ll report to the team!


Mine is back now~Whew! thanks!!

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