Cameras randomly not showing / playing recorded videos and not recognizing SD cards - recent issue

Thank you for your response. I have 4 SD cards, one in each camera. Are you suggesting all 4 may be corrupt ?

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Try it on one first to isolate the problem.

Some were reporting issues with Android App Ver 2.14.33 however, working fine on my Android.

There is also ver. 2.14.35 released today which addresses a bug that caused difficulty viewing the live stream with Android 11

Update: Might hold off updating any App or F/W.
There may be a AWS server problem. See several posts w/same problem but hard to say as both were released today.


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Ah, already reinstalled the app. The AWS server problem might explains why I was not able to see the cameras anymore for a while, they are now back. Although I am now getting ‘fail to obtain service’ every few ‘actions’, I see others have reported the same thing.

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This was the issue for not seeing devices

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I am having the same issues and only have 1 sd card installed out of 5 cameras. Although it trending stopped seeing my sd card a couple months ago

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HI @junkmailjessi and wellcome to the Community forum.
Try the same procedure linked here from 2nd post in this thread.

I had same issue since Aug…
After firmware update in September I can see recordings and don’t see “connection failed” message anymore… I thought this problem was fixed in September’s update…

Any further updates on how to resolve this?
It’s been a problem for at least a week now for both my cameras (both have sd cards). It intermittently says 1) no sd card, 2) no video at selected time, 3) when it does recognize videos at the selected times, it fails to connect (goes through reconnect process but times out). I have not been able to view playback from the cameras’ sd cards. The only playback is from captured events.

I still have the problem - the SD cards are fine, none of them is corrupted. I am considering rolling back to a previous firmware version if nothing else helps.

@Sh.Home There is a good chance it is a corrupt uSD card.
@RDI You may have corroded contacts on the uSD card or the socket.

Although they are not cheap quality SD cards, it is very possible that both of them have gone bad. IMO multiple cards going bad around the same time typically doesn’t mean the cards are bad, but usually point to something else being the root issue.
Regardless, I’ll replace them with some extra wyze branded cards I got a few months ago. Let’s see how that goes for now since there’s really no other option.

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To test if its a corrupt uSD card.

  • Remove the uSD from the camera to test in your workstation.
  • Check the disk with the command line C:\Windows\system32>ChkDsk X: /r Where X is the uSD card
  • Format the uSD card and un-check the default “Quick” option so it can mask out bad cells.
    Note: The Format from the App is a Quick Fromat

Quick format just marks the partition as “formatted” and destroys the journal that keeps tracks of the files and their locations on hard drive.

Full format will clear files completely from the partition, rebuild the file system, volume label, and cluster size, and scans partition for logical bad sectors; that’s why full format is slower than quick format. Wyze devices must always use the FAT32 format.

Unfortunately for wyzecam I found good solution. see picture

Btw if you ask how come it is black - HomeDepot’s black spray paint + masking tape = problem fixed. -)

I bought brand new high endurance SD cards and tried them on today. No difference whatsoever, same behavior.

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Hi @RDI Make sure they are format FAT32 and the contacts for the uSD card in the camera are clean.
Other then that suggest opening a ticket with Support.
Perhaps someone else will be able to chime in here with a solution.

I’m not sure what all this means, but I am having the same problem where my notifications are working well but I am getting connection failure to my phone when I try to view live stream.
I have removed and reinstalled the sd but that doesn’t help.
I recently accepted the upgrade hoping that would help but it may have gotten worse now that I’m paying for it?!?

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Welcome to the group! Need some more information, what camera and firmware are you having issues with? In the future, providing as much specific info as you can will assist and speed up the help. Thanks in advance!

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