RESOLVED Service Advisory: Wyze devices missing from the app and login difficulties - 10/21/20

I paid for all year to have a cam plus :thinking:. Not great​:rage:

Same here. Workaround seems to be going to the events page and refreshing it until it loads, Then go back to the device screen. Working on Android beta. The events page will only load device addresses initially.

No devices yet


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Alright, I told the team that some people but not everyone are reporting improvement and asked for an update.


All good now. Thanks!

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Can see my devices, but says “Failed to start service” randomly when selecting a device

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After updating all my cameras (including pans) either the app won’t load all the camera feeds or it takes a few minutes to load them all. It was not like this prior to the recent update.

I would not see the feed preview unless I actually click on the camera itself.

The bridges are still communicating, however the rules are executed at a much slower speed.

I’ll leave it as it is till the next update/resolution.

Unlike last time… I don’t want to factory reset, change batteries, and re-sync all devices thinking it was my internet & devices having problems when it was the Wyze servers.

Good luck.

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Also shows “Failed to obtain service”

I am having the same problem

Devices just showed up…and work…

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I’m on IOS 13.3.1 and experienced the same problem… no Devices… But their back now.

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My wife’s devices on her phone just came back up. They were all missing earlier. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Everything is back. I can go to sleep now. Sucks when I can’t be bothered to manually turn things off anymore, technology officially owns me.

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Devices are back, but some are showing Offline, but they are clearly online when I go into them.

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I am having the problem too.

I reported the “failed to obtain service” error to the team.


I saw that message earlier also…

Also lost all devices. Oddly, I can access videos from a few days ago for one of my cams. All of my devices are located at a remote site, so no way to add devices back until I go to that location - 3 hours drive away. I hope Wyze can get this data back…

10/21/20 5:21 PM PT - We found a problem with token validation and have resolved it. The service is returning to normal though it may take a little time for your devices to be visible again. Thank you for your patience.

For anyone that encountered the “fail to obtain service” error, is that still happening if you try again?