Wyze cams deleted from account but still get notifications

I logged into my Wyze cam app and all of a sudden ALL of my cameras are no longer there but I still get notifications from them.
It tells me to add a camera but then spins and fails.
Anyone else having this issue? This is super annoying, if this isn’t resolved soon I’m switching brands.

Same here. The devices are going in and out of the app. They were gone, came back, and went away again. I think Wyze is having a server issue.

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yes thank you for posting. apparently something is offline at wyze.

Thanks for confirming. Hopefully they weren’t hacked. I wish they had thought about this and created a backup, such as accessing the cameras if you’re on the same network.

Wyze confirmed they’re looking into this right now.


Still the problem continues


Same here everything gone, cams, light bulbs, receptacles, motion detectors…everything…

Still getting notifications but attempt to go to live feed and says devices were deleted

Curious what happened to the auth tokens since, if someone has those…that’s access to our cameras / account.
Still having the same issues.

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Same here

Having this issue starting today.

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Same here. Very little cust. Support

very frustrating

I am having this issue. Wyze app wouldn’t recognize my password. I had to change it. All my cameras are gone. I’m still receiving notifications. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Nothing is helping.

security@wyze.com email them for assistance