No one can view their cams

Back up for me. But to let you know it was NOT the update. I haven’t updated cams or app in well over a month and had this issue. Just for further troubleshooting


I still cannot see any of my cameras or light bulbs in the app.

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Refresh and try again. I just turned off one of my bulbs to test it

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Yes. Me too. Can’t see anyone my wyze products.

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Nope. Mine are down at 7:07pm central time.

Hopefully fixed soon.

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Just as I posted they apparently came back on line.


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According to Facebook the connection is intermittent. I suppose that’s to be expected while they’re fixing it. And if you need to keep tabs on a cam do not exit that cam for anything. My two cams that I had open and watching never lost connection. It was the one app on spare phone that lost connection when I went to look at events

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Still can’t see any of my devices on the android app.

Same here. can’t see my cameras or scale.

Some are still reporting intermittent operation. Try powering cycling the phone.

I cannot see my devices in my app … What is going on?

I see the last status mentioning issue is resolved 2 hrs ago.

I already did it twice … still cannot see any of my devices.

I did not see a resolution notice The last post was 1.7 hours ago:
UPDATE 10/21/20 5:44 PM PT - Some people’s devices are becoming visible and then disappearing again. We’re still not done resolving this and are working to get this stable for everyone as soon as possible

No luck here. Tried clearing cache, logging out/in, restarting phone. Still none of my devices appear. If I click on “+ new device” it just searches and does nothing. This as of 7:22p PT, 10/21/20

I tried deleting app and reinstalling. also going to each camera and reinstalling. still disappears when i close the app

Hi @tastrat38 and welcome to the Community. There was a bit of server trouble tonight. Give another try.

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Hi @FriendofFeralCats Is this problem resolved?

Yes. Sorry. The cams that were already open on the app never lost connection.

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No worries :slightly_smiling_face: Pls check the solution button if OK. :cat: