Android App Loading Cameras Slowly and Amazon Show Buffering

@WyzeGwendolyn Just got an Amazon Show 8 and the WYZE skill is constantly buffering. I got this to use as a baby monitor, but this is insane. Also, the Android app is loading my cameras really slowly. I know my internet is stable and strong.

What is going on??? Everything was going so smoothly, now I feel quality control is getting out of hand. I am very disappointed that WYZE would loose sight of what it started out to be. Please tell me this is being worked on, as far as stability issues.

Updated Wyze News:


Everything I have is updated and it is still buffering every 5 - 10 secs it buffers.

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Sorry to hear about this! I’ll share this with the team. Is it still happening?

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Yes, the Echo show is still buffering a lot with the WYZE skill.


I updated the firmware on camera (Wyze Cam v2) when prompted and the buffering on my Fire tablet (Fire HD 8 8th gen) went away. The problem started just this week (now Saturday, it worked last Sunday).


I thought Echo Show always buffered because they want only their cams to show on the device? I still get terrible buffering on the Show always have. I think that is actually more an Amazon thing on purpose.

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Thank you! I’ll tell the team!

I have checked ally devices firmware, along with the app, router, modem, phone and Echo Show. The buffering is still happening on the Show regularly. Is there something I should try, or anymore information I could pass along to help?