Wyze Cam v2 and Pan firmware 4.X.6.199 Released - 10/21/20

This is the last time I’ll update without waiting for others to be friggin’ guinea pigs!!

I was missing cam plus on all my cameras after the upgrade so I simply logged out and logged back in and what do ya know; now I have no cameras visible at all!! :frowning:

After a few minutes my events show up but it’s still saying that I don’t have cam plus installed and that I should sign up for the service - although it shows that I have it for all my cameras when I go to the website.

Lately it seems as if I cross my fingers every damn time I upgrade…


A lot of people who did not upgrade/change anything had the same problem.


After updating nothing works

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I can see my events but it says cameras have bin deleted

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You can find more about the issue in the link below

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After update (disappointed with myself for jumping on this update so fast) our Pans are stuttering. They will pause video and then skip to the current time and then pause again after one, yes just one, second. We’ve tried rebooting everything and three different devices for viewing. Still pausing and skipping. Anyone else seeing this fun undocumented feature?

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@Nettmon Welcome to the Wyze community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t beat yourself up over the update, because it is happening to those that didn’t update as well. Wyze currently is having server issues so it isn’t on your end. It’s best to wait it out until they get everything back up and running again.


Hi @Nettmon and yes, welcome. I thought Microsoft had the copyright on “Undocumented Feature”. :slightly_smiling_face:

StopICU is right, there is a lot of coffee brewing at Wyze to get things right. :coffee: We users are geting back service but its intermittent.

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn & @XuLi
Is there a plan to update the Outdoor Cam to sync w/GMT+13 and +14 time zones? :earth_asia:
@Steve0_NZ wants to know. :slightly_smiling_face:


my wyzecam V2 completely broke due to the update firmware191.
193.199 cannot restore it.
all support couldn’t solve the problem.

very disappointed

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what is broken?

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Hi @Toshi, Once in a while the update doesn’t take for a number of reasons.
Did the Wyze Support walk you through the Manual Update Process?
Its fairly reliable at resurrecting a dead cam.

I’ll ask the team!

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Wyze Team, I just installed my new Cam2 and got it setup and connected. Then I received the ‘upgrade’ notice. So I complied and the upgrade failed leaving my camera in a solid yellow light state. This should not be so painful. Any useful comments before I return this?

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have U tried reset?
if not recover
download older firmware and install it manually.

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Nothing worked so I did download the software update as the release notes suggested and I got it to work. The setup button is a bit unpredictable, it took me 3 tries to press the button and plug in to have the device pick up the software from the card. 3rd time seemed to be the charm.

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Glad U got it installed.
From your description, I suggest to check your internet bandwidth, number of actively connected devices.

You might have traffic jam in your place.

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My wyzecom cannot connect network.work only webcam firmware.

I have done all I can do.

manually change firmware 156,193,199
factory reset
reboot router
wyzecam close to router
replace router
change phone devices
send log to support team

The developer double checked the log file you submitted and nothing to be wrong in there but it just can’t access your router.

Is there anything more I can do ?

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Looks like you’ve covered most of the bases. Couple things to check:

Make sure your camera is on the 2.4 Ghz WiFi and not the 5 Ghz.

Can you check the router’s DHCP log and see if it has issued an IP address and the camera has accepted it.

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