Pan v3 error 90

On the subject pan v3 it was not a wifi connection fault, the camera no longer powers on.

My second pan V3 has not dropped wifi connection since loading where before it was not stable and would frequently need power cycling.

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Appreciate your clarification!

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For everyone in this thread seeing error 90 and going offline, etc with the V3 Pan Cams, I have found them to be much more sensitive to long cable runs and voltage drop than other models, especially when Motion Tracking, Panning, and Continuous SD recording are used in combination and require the pull power draw (but especially with Motion Tracking on).

Those exact errors are often fixed with a shorter run and/or better power on the cable run. Here are a few threads that you might want to look at to see if that could be part of your problems (beyond the firmware fixes), and plenty of tips and suggestions. Hope this helps!

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Mine working perfect after updating to Since i updated, i have no issue with connectivity or motor gap. I am loving it.

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I would agree with what you were saying, regarding long USB runs however, unless you are suggesting that the factory supplied USB cable is too long, that is not the issue that is happening. I set up 4 identical, V3 Pans with the factory cables and factory power supplies all in my computer room within 20 feet of my wireless router. All four cameras drop off line entirely randomly all day long and return the error code 90. As well as not returning to zero position. My other Wyze cameras, V2s and V3s do not exhibit this issue. My V2 pan, however, does. This isn’t a router issue, and it is not a cable length issue. This is a camera hardware and firmware issue. Or possibly a server-side issue with their streaming server. Wyze needs to get their act together and fix this or take everybody’s cameras back. They are worthless as they are.

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I reset two cameras to factory and reformatted their SD’s. One still stops @10:34pm every night but power cycle restores it. One now is stuck on error 90 and power cycle does not reset. This agile team is putting egg on the corporate face.

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Add me to the list of people who have cameras that just no longer work. After a couple of weeks of the camera working with the new patch, it loss connection and now simply times it worth error code 27 even after power cycling.

If you would like to join the beta program for any of your devices follow these steps

Open Wyze app → go to ‘Account’ in lower right → Go to ‘About’ which is at the bottom of the list → Go to ‘Beta Program’ → Tap on ‘Edit’ in the upper right and enroll the items you want beta firmware for when it is available.

Thank you, I just got the beta for my Pan Cam V3. There had been a standard update that I thought might help but it did not and today it stopped connecting with Error 90. I power cycled and it came back online and allowed me to download and install the beta. We’ll see how it goes.

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It was great with error 90 after last update, but today it just not working at all. Before error 90 would fixed just by power cycling but this time its not working. I am just going to return it. Cant deal with it anymore. What kind of engineer cant fix this simple error. Just gets me furious.

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Sounds like I am not alone. I guess in retrospect we are all on a BETA testing team we PAID to join.

These issues are supposed to be ironed out BEFORE going to market.

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I have been running the current beta since my last post. It took exactly that long to encounter error 90 yet again. I should mention I have been running from a short USB extension cord plugged into the wyze power block, can’t believe that would be causing an issue though. Any real fixes coming for this issue?

I have been having this issue on a Pan Cam V3 since I installed. This camera is in an Assisted Living Facility for a relative and I rely on it to help the resident every day. At least every 2 days, the camera has a “connectivity issue” Error 90. I have to drive 30 minutes to unplug and then plug in the camera for it to work for another 48 hours. WTH?? Can someone tell me how to fix this? Or is it better to just go with another company?

Sounds like you need to move on to a more reliable company.

In the interim you might try plugging it into a timer and adjust for a brief off on cycle during the night?

Mine has been on for two days now which is as long as it ever went. It still reports being on the latest firmware. Not sure if there is a setting for that to auto update. I need to look for that so I will know if it updates to a repaired state.

So frustrating. I have a whole bunch of other Wyze products. Security cams, doorbell cams, floodlight cams, watch, etc. and all generally work fine. And they are all here at my house, so if I need to troubleshoot it’s pretty easy. Driving 30 minutes (each way) to unplug and plug in a camera every 48 hours so it resets itself is nuts.

Try plugging it into a timer and set it to turn off for 15 minutes during the night. That will cycle the power every 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the outlet the camera is plugged into has to be covered by a tamper-proof lock, or else my relative (or an aide) will inadvertently unplug it. That timer does not look like it will fit in a tamper proof cover. But thanks for the suggestion!

It also sounds like this is a known issue, and has been for awhile, so why is it still persisting? In addition, I have the issue that when accessing the SD card, it reads as a date in 1969 or 1970, therefore no video at the time/date error. And the only way (at least from my house without AGAIN going to unplug the camera) is to swipe through 53 years of calendars to get to today’s date. Also a known issue. SMH

I have mine connected to a remote plug. If I get the error I cycle the plug off 10 seconds then on. That seems to work. Also I have the beta firmware and it’s only errored once in a couple of weeks. I check every day several times a day. Maybe a remote plug will fit in the tamper proof cars?

A month after this was posted in the forum I am now discovering this is a known issue. I’ve had an ongoing dialogue with support which has suggested various fixes involving router, reboots, forcing 2.4 connections and ultimately was mailed a replacement. At no time did support reference this as a known issue or suggest the beta. There seems to be a breakdown in communication within the organization. This is frustrating to the consumer and probably the support personnel.

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