Pan v3 error 90

Thanks for the suggestion! I will try it! Although, it kinda pisses me off that I have to buy other items to make the camera work the way it’s supposed to. :roll_eyes:

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Mine just set a record and almost stayed on for 4 days. For a minute I thought maybe they quietly updated the firmware.

I’m betting my money it’s a hardware issue and won’t be fixed without recalling the cameras.

Not planning to jump through a bunch of hoops restating my network or any such nonsense when all my other cameras are working without this issue. I am one more restart away from returning this one as I already did with the first V3 I bought.

It’s a cute little bugger but if it ain’t gonna work I don’t have any use for it.

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Completely agreed. Have they sent you a new one? They did send me a new one, although I haven’t been at the location yet to install it. I’m wondering if the new batch maybe doesn’t have the same issue…actually, I’m HOPING the new batch doesn’t have the same issue.

I haven’t done anything but complain on here until today. When it went offline today I used the app to send the log file.

I took my own advice and connected it to a timer this afternoon. I have that set to go off for about 15 minutes every night around 11. Will report back if that takes care of it but it’s not a fix for a deflective product.

I just installed the new one they sent me, so I’m going to wait before I send back the other one until I see if this one is worse… Please update if the timer works. Thanks!

5 days later, and I think about 10-11 days from the last time… another “Device is offline, error code 90”. I have also hooked mine to a wifi plug and that way I can power cycle it at least… A pretty poor solution for a brand new camera though. What’s the solution Wyze? Anyone watching this topic still? Should I request a warranty replacement? would that even help if firmware is bad?


I bought two Cam Pan V3 cameras and only one is doing the error 90 about every three days or so. I’ve had my cameras for a couple of months and the one that errors is located in the house. Hard to believe it is a firmware issue when only one has the issue more like a manufacturing issue!

My second camera just error 90 code for the first time. Camera light still on and still pans but won’t connect in the app. Had to power cycle which requires going out to the garage and pulling down a ladder and setting it up to reach the plug outlet on the ceiling. I’m on Betta and have done the latest firmware update. I summited a log and tried a chat on Wyze web page, what a worthless waste of time that all was. This will be my last Wyze purchase as I have started switching my cameras to Geeni brand and have had very good luck over the last year with them. Hey Wyze these are about the same cost and work!!!

Did you try swapping the cameras between your two locations to see if the problem follows the troublesome one?

I’m on day 6 since connecting to a timer that turns the power off for about 15 minutes every night. Band aid approach to a product defect but so far so good.

WYZE might be able to use this if the firmware can control power. They could make it restart about 2 AM every day.

Also having the same issue. Bought 2x Pan Cam V3s, one of them is constantly “-90” / going offline completely until manual reset. Has to be a firmware update?

Whelp. Back to not working. These cameras are absolute junk. I want my money back. NOW!!! I can’t reset it with powering off. That means if I try to manually reset it I will be climbing in the winter. What a joke this company is now and has been for the last couple of years.

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Also. Yes I am on beta. Yes I need to have a remote switch connected and yes it still won’t turn back on. I want my money back.

Good luck with their crappy 30 days returns policy.

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I have 3x Pan Cam V3s now with this issue, only way to revive it is via manual reboot.

It does still have this problem with new firmware.

Well, both my Cam Pan 3 cameras did error code 90 again today. It seems like it’s getting much more frequent now. My other four different model cameras remained working fine. Really don’t appreciate having to get a ladder to pull the power plug at the garage ceiling on the one in the garage. There have been enough reports on this issue since the release of these cameras that Wyze should come up with a fix or pull these from being sold till they do!

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Heads up everyone. Apparently Wyze is no longer replacing these faulty cameras. I guess the plan was to stall until the early adopters we’re out of the return windows for places like Amazon

Same thing here, requested support ticket and received quick response with gift card offer… Asked about what the problem is and if I buy another will I just have the same issue. That was earlier today, no response just yet.

They finally fixed error code 90! All four of my V3-Pans went off line randomly EVERY day and reported EC-90. No more,

Now it’s Error Code - 27


Well, I guess that’s progress…
(but they still all lose zero for tracking.)

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Since Wyze doesn’t have the capability to fix the issue with the Pan Cam V3 error 90 and will not do a replacement someone suggested using a smart switch so you can voice command it off then on without having too physically unplug to power cycle. Only problem is your camera could be dead for some time without you knowing it. Maybe Wyze can program the app to send a notification that the camera is offline!