Wyze Cam Pan v3 Power Cable Extension?

Just ran across this thread after posting in another and saw that you were looking to go for a 30 foot or longer cable. Based on my experiences with a 42-43 foot cable - unless you have an active extender, you will run into issues with voltage/power drop on such a long run. I had to re-jigger things on my end to reduce that run down to around 12-13 feet, and YMMV, but I wouldn’t try to go to much longer than that at all. If it helps here is a link to my post in the other thread, where I also included photos of my similar “cable surgery” to attach a female micro usb pigtail to the proprietary included cable for the V3 Pan Cam to allow me to re-use existing runs, where a cable length longer than whats included is required. Hope it helps! Wyze cam pan v3 won't power on with extension cord

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