Wyze Cam Pan v3 Power Cable Extension?

Doesn’t show available here. Can you send a link

Linked in last post. :point_up: Outdoor Power Adapter

Scroll down to select the V2

For existing Pan Cam v2 customers upgrading to v3, a 4 inch pigtail cable would be great. They don,t need the Outdoor Power Adapter.


That almost upsets me even more! I very much hope that they sell this little part by itself, otherwise, no bueno man, no beuno and not cool too. They could have included that piece in the box along with a regular cable. Now the obnoxious little conspiracy voice bubbling up inside me is saying that Wyze did this to nickel and dime those of us who actually want to use this outdoors. Needing “solid power” isn’t lost on me at all, but in the case that the $14-17 kits are overkill for some, I do think these cameras should have shipped with the necessities to at least operate with what customers are currently set up to use. If the setup doesn’t work, then absolutely, we would invest in the kit(s). Oh well.


You are certainly not alone in your sentiment.

I don’t believe the intent was to be able to sell more Outdoor Power Adapters. I do believe, however, it was a cost consideration for the cam purchase.

Rather than placing more value on the customer impact of leaving it out of the initial cam purchase, Wyze placed more value on hitting a pre-determined price point for the packaged unit. It is the same reason the cam shipped with a cheap plastic mount instead of something more useful. Their sales price point was more important than customer experience.

I guess they figured that not every user would need one so they saw it as an expendable item.

I will not be purchasing any Outdoor Adapters just to get the pigtail. I have already purchased and installed USB-A to MicroUSB adapters and used a 20’ MicroUSB replacement cord and silicone tape to waterproof them. If necessary in the future, I will cut the existing cord and wire in a terminal adapter to whatever style plug I need and silicone seal that. I can do that with 6 cams for the price it would cost to get one pigtail with the Outdoor Adapter.


I wish I could MacGyver stuff like that! I’m scared to even use a silicone seal, lol, so I’m just going to put both of mine at the side and back yard over my outdoor outlets and call it a day. I was planning to replace my Driveway Camera (V3) with the V3 Pro but being enlightened on that proprietary usb ‘hole’, I think I’ll just get a Eufy C24 when it can be added to the Homebase 3.

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It’s actually quite easy. Since these cables are power only with no data transfer, there are only 2 power wires. They make terminal adapters & wiring diagrams are easily found or you can buy 2 wire pigtails.

Has anyone on here been able to find a cord that fits the wyze pan cam v3 that’s 30 feet or longer?

I just splice mine, I cut the white cable in the middle there’s only two cables a white and a gray all you have to do is wire nut or splice it together add electrical tape for weatherproofing

You would need to find a quality (thick gauge) 24’ or larger Type-A-to-Type-A M/F extender cable, that you would then add to your included 6’ right-angle cable.

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Just ran across this thread after posting in another and saw that you were looking to go for a 30 foot or longer cable. Based on my experiences with a 42-43 foot cable - unless you have an active extender, you will run into issues with voltage/power drop on such a long run. I had to re-jigger things on my end to reduce that run down to around 12-13 feet, and YMMV, but I wouldn’t try to go to much longer than that at all. If it helps here is a link to my post in the other thread, where I also included photos of my similar “cable surgery” to attach a female micro usb pigtail to the proprietary included cable for the V3 Pan Cam to allow me to re-use existing runs, where a cable length longer than whats included is required. Hope it helps! Wyze cam pan v3 won't power on with extension cord

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You replied to me not the OP, but I agree; a 30-ft or longer cable is too much without help.

Other than all the other replies on the subject above, here is something I wrote up about longer runs:


Yes, sorry meant to reply to @angelf9 (see above), but thanks for the link to the very informative thread and info you put together - appreciate it! I wish I had run across your post/thread sooner, but glad to see I am not off base in my assessments on longer runs as well, and the sensitivity to power draw, especially with the V3 Pan Cams. I see that you actually include the 42’ Moyeel cable I had been using and replaced, that I referenced in my post (had to confirm an old Amazon order, but that is the one). Great info and tips, thanks Newshound! :slight_smile:


I am using the same cable on three of my v3’s, but I think that is the extent that cable can service. In no way or shape it can power a v3Pro or v3Pan in my oppinion.

Wyze just added the 90° pigtail power adapter to the store so that you can now power the PanV3 cam (and the V3Pro it appears) with a microUSB extension cable.


Anyone still waiting for an extension cable for the Pan V3, Wyze finally launched a 20ft one so you can still use the original cord that the Pan v3 comes with:

It is rated IP67 and has 18 gauge wire which it says means it is compatible to get enough power to the Pan V3 alike you’ve been asking for.

Extension cable for Wyze Cam v2, Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Cam v3 Pro, Wyze Cam Pan v2, Wyze Cam Pan v3, Wyze Cam OG series, and Wyze Cam Floodlight.

I’m glad to see that they addressed other cameras as well and not just the Pan V3. Smart move :+1:

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I know i am incredibly late to the party but amazon claims these work with the pan v3

Not sure how they work but if somebody is looking its worth a shot…

Best of luck

They will “work” but keep in mind that they will not “Seal” the connection to make it IP certified weather resistant by itself without the little adapter. So, avoid anywhere that weather could be an issue.

Also, keep in mind that LONG USB cords tend to have a significant power loss over the length of the cord. This often results in the device functioning okay when it is mostly not doing anything, but then malfunctioning when it needs high power use. This can manifest as connection issues, rebooting, not uploading cloud events, and other glitches. So, if you experience any kind of bugs or malfunctions, my first suspect will be your long cord not providing sufficient power. You can get some good ideas about how to compensate for this by reading this thread:


I would second Carver’s point. Pan V3’s are power hungry. I had similar cables on my plain V3’s advertised to work with the V3, Measuring the power at the camera would read 4.8 V at streaming and 4.6 V whenever I would activate the siren or two way radio. Obviously lower than 5 V needed for the camera. Having said that siren and two way radio never worked. Replaced the cables with 6 and 10 foot length and everything works fine, not to mention less disconnects.