Wyze Cam Pan v3 Power Cable Extension?

YAY!!! They listened to their customers!


Would you know if i get this Samsung EVO SD select A2 V30 138gb from Amazon, will if work in the new OG or Cam pan v3.
I understand need yo be in format ExFAT instead of FAT32 since its bigger than 32gb but i think ExFat isnt as stable as fat32. Unless these newer wyse cameras are ok with ExFat.
In addition does the 128gb sd card that i could by from wyze for $4.00 more a card the Samsung , already formatted with Exfat
Hope i explained and or understands this right.
Wyze says 32mg or above need exfat format.
Samsung card would be cheaper for 4 of them.

sorry 128gb

You shouldn’t see any issues with that card in any Wyze Cam, including the three newest releases: V3 Pro, Cam Pan V3, or OG Cam.

Wyze Cams are compatible with both FAT32 and ExFAT formatted cards. The card will come from the manufacturer preformatted ExFAT since it is larger than 32GB, which is standard practice, however you have the option of reformatting it to FAT32. It is my understanding also that FAT32 is more stable.

I use 256GB cards and they will all work in their native ExFAT, however I choose to reformat them to FAT32 so I can read them on my phone OTR card reader.

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Thank you for your help Slab.

Wyze guys are saying to use exfat and their wyze 3d cards with the newer cameras incase there is an issue for warranty/ troubleshoot and replacement. How many more days of storage is there with 128 or your 256 card before get starts to erase old data
Thanks Glenn

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Most cards have really wonky warranty replacement policies against using them for continuous recording in security cams. But, if Wyze is willing to stand behind theirs, :+1:. As for which format, I think it’s a personal preference.

How much time you get recorded to the card before it overwrites the oldest footage depends on your recording settings, video quality and your night vision settings. I have not yet metered my PanV3 as they aren’t old enough yet to fill a card. This is based on my V3 cams:

  • Continuous vs Motion Events Only: much longer Hx w\ Events only and depends on motion sensitivity and how much movement the cams sees.

  • HD vs SD quality: SD will record files @ approximately half the size (different Bitrate) so about twice the Hx.

  • Color Night Vision vs IR Night Vision: Color video (20fps) and black and white IRNV video (15fps) is recorded at two different bitrates and will change the file sizes.

I record continuous - HD quality - IRNV Auto to a 256GB card and get between 21 and 28 days Hx depending on the cam when the IRNV activates. A 128GB card would be about half that time with the same settings, about the same though in SD quality.

No way to pin it down exact though because of the settings variables. You can do some math though and get a rough idea.

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Thanks your awesome to spend your time helping me! Good info.


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You are welcome! If you really want to get super deep into the SD Card weeds, I can send you to some super smart :nerd_face: eggheads here in the forum who will confound and amaze you with the depth of technical information they can share! :rofl:

I think I’m good…lol

Going to order a bunch of OG now And maybe the new cam pan V3, once they sell or figure out how to extend more than 6 feet cable length.
I understand it’s a 90゚ angle end. But can’t find any photos actually showing where how the cable connects!

I have been reading on the OG threads. The regular cam and the telephoto are being sold seperately and the stack mount kit is also going to be seperate. May want to wait till that comes out to get them all at once. Maybe they will offer a combo kit with the whole shebang together??? Some have ordered a 2 pack thinking it was one of each when it is two of the same.

The 90° end is what connects directly to the cam. The other end of that 6ft cord is a standard male USB-A that plugs into the 2amp power adapter. A standard USB Power Cord Extension should work.


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Definitely don’t focus on that. It is part of the waterproofing system; you don’t want to replace it. Like @SlabSlayer says, just use a standard USB Type A extender cable:

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Wow look at you with the 90° photos, I couldn’t find any Thanks. No personally knew it was a two pack of OG not one being tele. Is that a fixed tele, or zoom and is it is a zoom I’m sure not optical by digital. Isn’t there a 3rd party USB A Female to a USB A to extend length be better than a bulky ex cord?
Wish wyze would offer other colors.I did get a black outside cam and a Homedepot bundle Black v2 with sd card once.
Do you use wyze home security or isn’t it up to par with others? Other products coming out\ developing too fast? Sprinkler control?
I would love the bluetooth garage door opening for my older model Genie but not sure if compatable. Wyze just says compatible with most.

No I see use ex cord for no voltage drop with longer distance.!!

It is fixed telephoto lens that starts at 3x in it’s native state. Beyond 3x it is optical digital zoom in the app. You cannot zoom out below the 3x. That is it’s start point.

Depends on the distance. USB cords drop VA over distance due to their thin wire construction and low volt supply. A 110 AC extension to the cam provides enough power close to the cam to run dozens of cams off the same drop cord.

I do have the Wyze HMS and love it. It was actually my gateway into the Wyze World of IoT when it was first offered. I have not used any others so it is hard to compare. I chose it for the DIY scalability and the low monthly monitoring fee.

I do not use the Wyze Sprinkler Controller as I wish my grass would just die so I wouldn’t have to mow it. I would be watering mostly weeds anyway. But, there are plenty of posts and topics:


Use the Wyze Compatibility Checker to see if your Geanie is compatible:

Tks your the best if I didn’t already tell you!


I did make a correction above because I must have had a stroke when I typed that. :man_facepalming: Another Maven had my back and pointed it out to me.

It isn’t possible to have a fixed telephoto with an optical zoom. That would be a contradiction in physical mechanics.

It is a fixed telephoto with digital zoom.

Here’s the best thing I’ve found so far link.

It’s from amazon

I had it recommended to use an ‘Active’ USB Extension cable. I bought and used one when installing a new Wyze Pan Cam v3 for my parents last weekend. It worked very well. I was told the Active cable would help with power over a longer distance. Thus far it is working very well.

Thank you!! I just ordered this for our WYZE Cam Pan V3. Is this brand new? I could not find anything like this earlier this week.

It looks like the 90° “Pigtail Adapter” that will allow connection to a microUSB extension cord is now available in the Wyze Store.

Unfortunately, it is only available when purchasing the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter V2.

If you scroll thru the pictures to the right, #7 of 7 will show you the package image: