Pan v3 error 90

On the beta test team now. I will let you know if it fails again.

Since i updated to yesterday, i havent seen any error 90. Usually it would give me the error by this time. Hopefully it fixed. I will update if there is any error.

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Thank you!

Sounds great! Thank you for letting us know!

I too have updated to the latest beta for my 3 cameras (all new). I didn’t see the error 90, but one of the cameras became unresponsive for live streaming (it never got past step 1 of 3). The strange thing was that the camera appeared to be tracking movement but it was not connecting to live streaming and was not recording. I cycled power and it started working again. From this, it would appear that the tracking loop was active but the streaming (essentially internet connectivity in general) and SD recording loops were blocked. Luckily, the camera caught a suspicious person walking around the neighborhood right before it went offline.

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I joined the beta program and updated the camera i looks more stabile but unfortunately the 90 issue still apears…
I seems to happen every time after a video is recorded .

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So far its good. Also the preset used to be off every time camera was moved, after the update its accurately aligns its self to preset. I would not change a thing on this. I love it, no error no alignment problem, its perfect now.

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Perfect, thanks for your confirmation!

After the 90 error appeared, was the device be able to connect back or you have to power it off and on to awake it?

Next time when you observed the error 90 and offline issue, may you please help get us a SD card log so we can investigate further in your case? I will show you how to get the SD card log. It is a bit complicated but the log will be very helpful to catch the bug in your case.

The instructions:
When the device shows offline, please take out the microSD card and wait a second before re-inserting the card (or inserting a new microSD card). The camera will then make two “ding” sounds usually within 30 seconds.On your microSD card, there will be a root or log folder with the device log that you can access with a computer. The files are named as xxxxx_log.txt. If there are multiple logs, select the most recent log file.When you have the log, please email it along with a description of the issue and the date, time, and time zone that it occurred And please let me know if you have sent a log to this email. Thanks!

I tried to send the log when i was first requested, but half way i got lost and i could not send it. When the app directed me to the next step, i saw no option to include log and send.

The camera did update and power back up by itself, since then it just working perfectly.

I wish the preview from sd card bit more friendly. Fast forward option and play the recorded event from where ever i chose from. I am saying this because other company camera app has this option without subscribing to their cloud service.

Its just a thought. I am subscribed to wyze cloud anyway. Thank you.

Hello, I also have an error code 90 on my Cam Pan V3. I can power cycle, and it restarts and then I can connect with no issue. About 2 or so days later though, i get the same error 90 and can’t connect. Also it is in use in cold winter/snowy weather here in Northern Michigan. A little frustrating as I just bought it and am happy with it otherwise. Wondering how I get on the beta program, or when is final firmware fix expected? Thanks.

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My cam pan v3 failed this morning. I am attempting to reset it by powering off and then on. I have the beta software.

It reset by doing a power cycle. Beta software is still bad.

Also I had a notification of a person at 1:30am and that is when the camera stopped working. I don’t have an sd card installed.

Not really liking being a beta tester on a camera I paid full price for.


Yeah, I bought a nice new Pan Cam V3 only to get absolutely frustrated with the constant error 90’s. And, no, I will not be a beta tester. I worked in industrial automation and controls and if I ever released such a problem on my customers I would be out the door and flipping burgers real quick. Wyze needs to slow down and do a better job testing BEFORE releasing it’s products. Rant over.


I’m running Beta …3868 on two Pan v3s. One camera that had several error 90s before this update seems stable now. My second pan today lost connection for the first time. It dropped right after I reset motor control because of ongoing position drift and rotation ending before the set waypoint. It has not reconnected after multiple power cycles. The camera had 3 bars of signal when it was connected. Hanging it up for tonight and will try again in the morning.

Not impressed with these Pam v3s.

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Camera is dead. Does not respond to power cycling, alternate power supply/cable, or factory resets. Don’t know if the motion control reset bricked it, or if just a coincidence. Support ticket initiated.

Appreciate your suggestions! We will dig more and explore how we can offer more options on this. :slight_smile:

@WyzeJasonJ can you help show @tcterrells about how to join our beta program and get an early access to the new firmware that has improved the wifi connection stability? Many thanks!

Sorry about the inconvenience! May you please share the support ticket # with me? I will pass it to the team and follow up on this matter. Many thanks!

Ticket no. 2814883

Replacement order is in process.


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Sorry about the inconvenience! The wifi connection stability does have improved through our beta test results with the new updates. We will continue to collect logs, dig more and try our best to improve it.