My wyze pan cam v3 keeps disconnecting!

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Okay, thanks for the link.

To the rest of you with the issue - here’s my post in the fix it Friday thread, go and upvote it if you can so it gets some attention:


To the rest of you with this issue - a mod told me the best place to get an actual staff response is in the monthly “fix it Friday” thread. Posts there are upvoted to gain increased visibility. If you have this issue, please go upvote the post linked below and hopefully a staff member will respond:

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Better hurry and vote on the above link then. Jason said he is tallying the votes for this month’s event sometime this morning:


It seems when I mount my V3 pan cam camera upside down and use the 180°. I start losing connection to my Wi-Fi. Does anyone else have the same problem?

What do you mean by upside down? Do you mean the rotating/camera part is at the top and you have to flip the display in the settings, or with it hanging with the camera/rotating part at the bottom?

I started off with mine the first way - camera on top - until I realized they were better when mounted the other way and swapped them. Had the issue both ways.

It seems unlikely that flipping it over would specifically cause connectivity issues unless there’s some, like, freak occurrence where when it’s flipped there is something inside shielding the antenna… but even then, it’s not like an IR signal that goes in a straight line.

Are you 100% sure it’s not just a coincidence? A ton of us are dealing with disconnection issues (and it failing to reconnect).

Don’t forget to like the post linked above in the fix it Friday thread if you have issues.

When I have my camera sitting on a table it is upright. Everything is working fine. When I screwed a mounting bracket to my eves and mount the camera upside down, At that point I go into the settings and and put on 180°. I bought 4 of these cameras and I’m working with 2 of them and that’s what they’re doing. I just think it’s a coincidence that every time I mount it upside down. I have problem with the Wi-Fi.

I mean, I suppose it’s possible that that could be making the issue worse. Both of mine are currently in the “hanging” orientation. I would reply in the fix it Friday thread and suggest it

I put a cam Pam v3 that I bought 6 months ago and hanged that in the same place under my eaves and it works fine. I put the new one that I just got last week on the table and it’s working fine now. I’m was just wondering if anybody else notice that happened.

I’ve had similar problems with my 2 floodlight cams

No reply from Wyze. No support what so ever. After 3 different routers. I will be returning my Wyze devices and abandoning the eco system.

Blink Camera’s are far superior at this point and they don’t even pan! Don’t waste your money on Wyze, return your products and get something else!

So sad.

I’m not sure if it disconnecting is an issue. It could be on their end, or it could be something else - that’s not really the point. The point is that whenever it disconnects for any reason, even for just a moment, it never reconnects to the network again until you reset it. So, it might seem like they’re fine and they might be fine for a while - if you want to see if yours has the same issue, I would go into your router settings and intentionally disable wifi for a few seconds (until you see the blue light on the camera start to flash) and then then turn it back on. See if the camera ever connects to the network again.

I’m frustrated too, but apparently that “fix it Friday” post is actually checked by Wyze staff, and a moderator said they’d be checking the results on Wednesday. So, either we didn’t have enough votes in time and they won’t care (which seems crazy and unlikely, this is a huge problem and there are only a few other posts in that thread) or they saw it and are looking into it.

Again, I totally get your frustration and am also at the point where I’m considering abandoning it entirely or setting up Home Assistant and overriding firmware at boot to use as local cameras with a VPN, but the mod team said that thread is our best bet and they were supposed to have checked it two days ago, so I’m going to give them a few days (probably the weekend) and if we haven’t heard anything back by Monday or Tuesday, not even a “we’re looking into this and will get back to you ASAP,” then I’ll move on.

Luckily, I can still return my Pan V3s for another week or so (thanks, Amazon). My V1 and V3 standard cameras don’t have the problem and have been working fine, but unless I go the Home Assistant route I’ll probably end up scraping those, too, if this isn’t fixed.

For anyone experiencing the connectivity issues with their Pan V3, Wyze is requesting Device logs in the Fix it Friday thread linked below. Please follow the link and reply to the posted link with your log numbers.

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Wyze has requested Cam Logs for the Cam Pan V3 Offline issue being reported.

If you are still experiencing this issue, follow the link below and reply to the post with your Cam logs.


Wyze has requested Cam Logs for the Cam Pan V3 Offline issue being reported.

If you are still experiencing this issue, follow the link below to the Fix it Friday thread and reply to the post with your Cam logs.


Have 8 cameras plus a Base. Added two Cam Pan v3 over the summer and all was well until early September. Suddenly the Cam Pan v3’s would both show offline, even with a reboot. I then discovered that unplugging the Base unit allowed them both to work again, but of course now the older ones, specifically two Wyze Cam Outdoor’s no longer work because the Base is unplugged. Plugging in the Base has them all working for about a day, but then the Cam Pan v3’s suddenly show offline again. Any ideas?

There are many post here about the Cam Pan Version 3 going off line. I have Four V3 cams, one V3 Pro cam and four version one WCO and base that I have been using for almost three years and have never had an issue with other cams going off-line because of the base station for the WCO cams.

There seems to be some underlying issue with the Pan V3. Fortunately, it’s being looked into.

One issue is definitely the fact that it doesn’t seem to reconnect once a connection has dropped, which is a big deal. I’m not sure if the connection dropping in the first place is also an issue on their end or not, but it could be. I’d suggest finding and following the “fix it Friday” thread. A staff member is taking logs from us there and they are actively looking into it. Your issue is a little different, but it couldn’t hurt to chime in there with your problem and provide a log.

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An interesting post over in the Fix-it Friday thread. Worth investigating and reporting back to see if the router settings may be contributing.

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