Fix-It Friday 10/6/2023

Some cameras using the new UI on IOS only show limited menu items.

Is this issue limited to the beta iOS app? I don’t see this issue in production iOS 2.45.5 (4).

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I’m on 2.46.0 (2). So far only me and one other user have experienced this, so there are definitely more variables involved.

Are both of you that are experiencing this on the Beta app or is it confirmed to happen in Production also?


Normally we would grab the results of the bugs reported that are affecting the most people. This month there has been a lack of new bugs reported. I know we have not fixed them all yet, so if you have some bugs causing you issues and want to make sure we know about please post about it in here so we can get the ones affecting the most people on the list. We will gather up the new issues on Wednesday morning this week.


FWIW, I just tested it and the condition remains as I described. Android app 2.45.6 (361)

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Not sure, I just asked. SD card icon not on IPhone but is on Ipad - #11 by IEatBeans

I’m on beta

Same problem. Two months now…

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I know y’all are aware of the cam plus filter bug for Android, but any potential updates would be great!

Edit: As of 10/15/23 the bug has resolved itself. I’m not sure if the update to the latest beta firmware 2.46.0 (b365) or not. I’m glad to see that this has been fixed. Thank you Wyze team!

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What’s going on with the Pan Cam V3s not reconnecting to networks? They are completely unreliable and once they disconnect for whatever reason they never attempt to connect again until power cycled. Every single Wyze camera I have is fine except for the two Pam V3s. I’ve waited literally days to see if they’d reconnect. It’s not a networking or signal strength issue - one camera is literally three feet from the router. Multiple people are experiencing this issue and we would love a response other than the typical “reset your router”. The tech savvy amongst us have already gone through your standard “network issues, power issues, signal issues” steps.

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Edit: Some info to clarify, but there’s plenty in the linked threads:

  1. Standard Wyze Cams V1 & V3 work fine
  2. On same network, Pan V3s drop connection (which isn’t a huge problem itself, except…)
  3. Once disconnected, they NEVER reconnect - even after days
  4. Power cycling immediately causes them to reestablish network connection
  5. Applicable to cameras whether they are a few feet from router or across the house; distance irrelevant
  6. Router settings irrelevant; network type, factory reset, security type, wifi protocol, signal strength, network interference, conflicting devices - all of these have been checked, rechecked, and debunked

If I were a developer here, I would be checking the current firmware - specifically the portion responsible for re-establishing a network connection when lost - and trying to determine why it isn’t actually doing so. Perhaps compare it to how a network connection is established at boot to find discrepancies.

These cameras were installed in my grandmother’s house so we can keep track of her in case she falls or otherwise gets hurt. I can’t have them offline every other day until I call her and tell her to unplug them and then plug back in.


[Mod Edit]: Changed malformatted post to forum source link for Wyze background reference.


Log ID: 1202209

Last attempt at help. If not solved by next week. I will be abandoning all Wyze products and go back to Blink, which functioned flawlessly.

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I wholeheartedly agree…I drive Semi Truck and use these to keep an eye on my house while im gone.

And the MOST infuriating thing is Wyze crickets. Not a single “we are aware of the issue” that I have seen. Been a loyal customer for 5-6 years but the silence is going to drive me away even if I have to pay more


Don’t forget to like the initial reply I made, apparently they decide what to fix based on the votes.

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Dude, you’re runnin’ away with it already! :wink:

@WyzeJasonJ should just call it now. To draw it out is just cruel to single-vote getters like me… 

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@Antosino @Treash3555

I don’t know if we will have an update today since I delayed selecting until Wednesday but I will let you know the Pan Cam v3 not reconnecting is one of the ones chosen and we are looking into it now.


Repairing once more to my hopium den… :slight_smile:

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Anyone experiencing the Cam Pan v3 reconnect issue, I am looking for some new logs. Can anyone submit me a new long the next time it happens, I have some of the old logs and a new one will help us verify some things.


Additional Logs: 1202229, 1202258

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