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I will say that I have some Eufy products as well, and I have been insanely frustrated at how insanely buggy and inconsistent they are with things not working right, nowhere near as open to feedback, way fewer fixes and updates (even for really critical issues), and more expensive. I was very quickly convinced I did not prefer Eufy over Wyze and it is not greener on the other side. But some people love them, and I love that they give Wyze a reason to continue to compete and keep prices lower (so I highly support some people continuing to support Eufy and keep up the competition).

I would just recommend not going all-in on Eufy until you’ve tried a few out and go into it slowly. I felt like I was paying a higher price for increased buggy devices, and not caring as much. Having said that, I really like that they have some 2K options, and I have a few of my Eufy cams backup my Wyze Cams in critical areas. I don’t hate them, and I would not be opposed to getting some more of their stuff in the future too, but they will absolutely never be my primary tech company. They have their uses, I am just suggesting that if you look into it like I did, I strongly recommend going into it slowly so there is reduced risk for extra frustration.

In my opinion, that is good advice for any IoT gear.

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Agreed. I learned this the hard way over the years.

Luckily, some stuff has decent resale value if done quickly, but it’s definitely preferable not to have to deal with that headache, and few bother to do so. So much better to play it safe from the start.

I am running way behind in here, but I am still here and can say I have no new information. I do continue to nag, I will have to forward your photo on and ask them how you fix this issue lol

Hello Carver,
I replied to the Wyze Official News directly to Gwendolyn’s post.

I’m still not convinced that WYZE is making this issue a top priority, sadly:


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Here it is folks. The 3.0 app AND landscape is etherware.
“we WERE”
“a while BACK”
“landscape …. CONSIDERED”
“REPRIORITIZED the app overhaul”

I read this as; the developer meeting table went round robin and out of the suggestions discussed a complete redesign was scrapped. Also, revenue is not what we thought so we laid off employees under COVID and we need a buyer for the company before we fold within the next 18 months.

I would totally attend a fix it Friday except it’s during a business work day. I have zero spare time between 6am and 9pm M-F.

They usually post the starts on a Friday, and harvest the votes on a Monday. I’ve suggested they take a full week and take the votes/open a new Fix it Friday on Monday at the same time, but that change hasn’t been made yet. In the meantime, you have at least a weekend, no problem. :slight_smile:

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This is happening on tablet only. I’m using Samsung Tab S7+ on UI 4.0
V2 RTSP firmware fullscreen works.
V3 RTSP firmware fullscreen auto crashes back to home screen.

It only started a month ago. Note 10+ UI 4.0 goes fullscreen without issues. I did a reset on the tablet and still happening. Anyone know a fix?

Wouldn’t this be addressed by implementing the 90 ° image rotation that’s also on wishlist? I understand that is more for cams that have to be mounted onto their side for a vertical view, but seems like it would satisfy both needs. I can see some aspect ratio issues on some devices, but I think most people who need it would be willing to live with some less than perfect displays as the code is being tweaked. We certainly live with other flaws and it could be done in the beta channel where most users are inured to glitches.

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Rotating the image does nothing about the controls interface.

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The only plausible explanation as to why Wyze does not deliver landscape mode is because they may not want us, their customers, to be able to use Wyze in traditional computer screens as on-desk security system, Apple TVs, Google TVs, etc.

I would love for once to be able to monitor my Wyze cameras on my Apple TV or on my in-wall fixed iPad to monitor all things smart.

@WyzeGwendolyn can you give is a straight answer on where Wyze is going with Wyze App v3 ?

If and when Wyze App v3 arrives, will it include an app for iPads (and Android Tablets) that is a fully compliant with the specs laid out for apps on those platforms operating in a Landscape mode?

Perhaps Wyze should keep V2 running with it’s duct tape and bailing wire, and create a new app from scratch that throws off all the bad designs of Wyze App V2.xx ?

Maintain both apps for awhile, keep V2 in place while V3 is built from the ground up. I’d rather suffer through V2 to wait for V3 that is given the time needed to create an app that works properly in Landscape mode.

Is Wyze doing anything at present to address this Landscape issue beyond “Discussions”?

thank you,


I found this topic, which is now closed:

It looks like that “bug” was never fixed and has been in the last several releases of the application. I just chatted with support and here is exactly what I was told:

Jericho Z: While checking on this, I am afraid to tell you that the landscape view for android is not officially supported yet. You can try going to your android settings->display->and make sure the Wyze app is in full-screen mode (which has worked for some).

Jericho Z: I sincerely apologize for this. Anyway, we have a Wishlist section of our forums where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team.
Jericho Z: Here’s a link to the Wishlist: Wishlist - Wyze Forum

So here I am wishing for functionality that used to exist and be supported within the Android application.

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This reply is from years ago. What ever happened to this? I have been patiently waiting!


Last month they said:


Check the wishlist out and see how long some other far more popular items have been waiting. Generally unless it’s a simple matter to code, if they cannot monetize something, then it goes on the back burner.

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With the price of fuel this days… that back burner is becoming a bit costly is it not? Or perhaps the ‘back burner’ ran out of fuel many years ago…, and rusting in an abandoned outhouse somewhere.

I look forward to the day that Wyze comes out of nowhere and produces a Wyze App V3, and slaps me upside the head and I no longer can self entertain on the Landscape obsession I have.

But, I will give credit where credit is due… I know for a fact that if Wyze never produces a fully functioning Landscape doing, Dark Mode dancing app for my IPad by the time my Wyze camera’s start failing and need to be replaced… They won’t be replaced by Wyze Products, and I now know the most important feature that I MUST HAVE when viewing camera’s, and that is the ability to view in Landscape on my iPad Pro .

Thank you Wyze for reminding me of this everyday… of what to look for when that inevitable day presents itself. (I really hope I get to stay on Team Wyze as I do like my camera’s and the many other Wyze Products I have purchased), but in a nutshell… No Landscape… No more Wyze camera’s for me.

Always feels good to vent occasionally… and not let it build up again.

I’m better for now.

Not sure what ‘now’ is defined as though… :slight_smile:

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