Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach

I’m not talking about just the cam stored outside, there are protective enclosures that are really strong, covering the cam all around and have mounting bracket…

Enclosures like these ones:

Sure, I understand which ones you’re talking about, but this is the one I am talking about. It’s an outdoor camera, and my goal is to put a protective anti-theft case around it.

You might want to consider painting it to make it less obvious

A possibility, is to buy two junction boxes and cut each down a little, then PVC glue them together. Then make a lid. Of course, this requires that two of the needed dimensions are available.

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Thanks but the protective case is the way to go.

Is the PIR sensor going to work through plastic?

The plan is a cut out in the plastic.

Here’s a blurb:

To one and all: your tips and tricks are very much appreciated. However, I am trying to locate a specific size junction box and have reached out to this community for help to locate it. Thanks.

Something like this?

Hey StopICU33, thanks this is close but the width is too big.

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I was able to find some…
Not exactly the same size, but pretty close…


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Reading the specs from that cam, you could use any standard mount bracket as it “is compatible with 3rd party 1⁄4” — 20 mount”

Also, there are some brackets that asure to totally work fot it, besides a lot of standard 1/4" mount bracelets…

Hello People
It is nice when you can find exactly what you want concerning camera enclosures. But the next choice would be to modify what is available. If a modification will not work, then a custom build is needed. A custom build means time and money via a contractor or yourself. Since I have the skills needed - myself is what I choose. My choice for an enclosure is something easy to build and very sturdy. Sturdy enough to hang from it. The enclosures shown below are for an old analog globe camera and V2s. Clear covers could be accommodated. On the WCO, cutting out a hole in a clear plastic cover for the whole black circular area is pointless because so much of the plastic is gone, the remaining corner regions become a keeper plate. A simple strip of material would make a keeper plate without as much work. The pictures below from previous posts show some home-made enclosures.

In the picture above, the globe camera was so low that I was concerned about it becoming a pinata. I removed the factory support stem, and the enclosure protects and cradles the camera. If the camera dome were pushed on it would recede up into the enclosure.

In the two pictures above, the plywood and aluminum sheet metal enclosure is easily mounted to the articulated bracket that I made.

The picture above shows how simple an enclosure can be with top and bottom plates of plywood and side and keeper plates of aluminum sheet metal. Obviously one could hang from this.
Victor Maletic.


Hey Victor, I see you have a fine eye for this sort of thing. You eyeballed what appeared to be a gap in @fruanoc’s install and now your various install projects showing clever and interesting ways for the Wyze v2 cameras. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, since you guys have been so helping with mounting, I thought I would throw another situation in the mix, if you don’t mind.

In addition to the Wyze outdoor cam, I have two V2’s that keep giving me Error Code: 13. In another community post, someone had the same problem, but no solution was given other than changing the camera to a webcam, which is not what I want to do. I reset them and still the problem won’t go away. Does anyone know how to fix this error code?

If you haven’t tried this, I would recommend manually flashing the previous firmware on the cam and then update it from there. This may correct the error 13 issue you are experiencing. It’s worth a try anyway.

How to Flash Firmware

Hi, BinB1954.
I appreciate your interest in various Wyze camera installations. Below are some pictures of posted and unposted installations of V2 cameras. Also, I have posted some ideas for contact and motion sensors. Various links are provided.

If you want to look at some of the other stuff I have done, check out the links below:
Double camera mount?
90° Dual Mount L - bracket for V2 cameras
180° Tri Mount L - bracket for V2 cameras
Garbage Cans with Contact Sensors
Garbage Cans with Contact Sensors - Update
Hiding the Contact Sensor No Chiseling No Sawing
Reducing Sensitivity of Motion Sensor with a Mask - 2
There is plenty to look at here.
Victor Maletic.


Thanks @StopICU33 … yes, I came across this and made the attempt but stopped when I understood it is to make a webcam out of the V2 but appears not to have anything to do with addressing error code 13. Here is a link that may have the answer.

I’ll see. Thank you for responding.

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@victormaletic these are very detailed and I appreciate you sharing them with me and the community.

However, I have already decided on a particular setup used by @spoofer9.for my Wyze outdoor camera, although he is using the V2.

Just waiting for the junction box to arrive to get started. Thanks again.