180° Tri Mount L - bracket for V2 cameras

Earlier I posted 90° Dual Mount L - bracket for V2 cameras and at the completion of that project, I realized a tri mount would remove the spread-out camera clutter.
This picture shows the initial conditions.

The next group of pictures is self-explanatory.

Another view of the completed project.

The tri camera field of views.

After finishing the work, I thought maybe it was better before the consolidation? So, I took a mostly overall view of my house and was satisfied that consolidation was good. The tri mount did not look like an out-of-place oddity.
I thought of sharing that view as a quiz.

Here is the answer.

Victor Maletic.


Can you use a different color for the arrows, I am color blind and couldn’t see them. Fortunately my friend Barney the “D” saw them right away and helped me color them in a darker color so I could see them.

Are you planning on swapping out any of the lens to change the area of coverage?

I’m curious Ben. If Barney the “D” is a purple-ish dinosaur how could you see him to show you the arrows you could not see and that were not specifically mentioned in the post? And, why color them since you know where they are?

Yes, I am planning to install a wider-angle lens in Driveway 2 camera.

Victor Maletic

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Yes, I don’t like to name drop but BtD is a personal friend. We go way back together. Even in his semi-retirement (due to Covid canceling his upcoming show) he is very graciously still helping his friends. Met in 2003/4 while on tour.

Anyway big fan of the Wyze cam, Which you can understand when your so popular as Mr.D you are bound to have someone that isn’t happy with your work, thus security is important.

We were interested in the Wider angle lens, just wondering do you think Wyze will make this an option in the future?