Compact Corner Mount

A neighbor asked me to mount a camera near the front door.

The 14 GA 12"x8"x2" T-bracket from Lowe’s is cut as shown. The top of the “T” is trimmed off at two 45° angles and bent 90°, the stem of the “T” is cut to 5" in length and marked at 2.5" from the bottom and bent up at a ±45° angle. Power is supplied through a hole behind the bracket into the garage. Bending the camera support surface allows the camera to be compact and less likely to be moved when dusting to remove cobwebs.

Note the #8x32 screw and nut (fake mounting screw). After cutting off the screw’s head I crazy glued its body and nut to the bottom of the bracket. Hope it deters theft.

I did a trial fit-up with temporary power so I could check the camera’s view through the WYZE app and adjust the bottom angle if needed. The fake screw was glued and held in place with tape while curing.

If this was my house I would have painted the bracket to match the entryway color.

Tools needed:

Bench Vise
Angle measuring device
Drill not needed because punched holes in the bracket were ready to use.
Victor Maletic.
The bracket was attached with two #8 wood screws.


Etsy is your neighbor.

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He’s helpful. I inquired about his setup to which he replied: "

Hello GreenEggs
If you search Victor Maletic on the forum and scroll down to 'Installing WYZE Cam outside-…"

So I did.