Wyze Cam Outdoor mounting screws

Has anyone else noticed just how crappy the included mounting screws are? Complete garbage. I will use my own so the heads will not strip out with just a screwdriver. I know Wyze does not make the screws but it does not instill a lot of trust when the product comes with really cheap hardware.


Yes, I noticed that after relocating the camera. I keep boxes of drywall screws in my toolbox, in 3-4 different lengths.

Can you give me a spec for a replacement screw? I can figure out the length…

I have the same problem. I’m struggling to find a screw that fits. The head has to be small in diameter and also not too tall.

Same as the other screw post. Go to the hardware store, buy a #5 stainless steel screw 15/16 inches long. If you just want to put the screw straight into the base hole you can use a #6 stainless steel screw 15/16" long.

Youd think they would have heard you and fixed it… i really guess they dont care about us their “loyal customers”… i installed 6 cameras and all 12 stripped. It took 20x longer than it would have if they didnt strip and i could use a drill for atleast the first 3/4 but theyre so [Mod Edit] i didnt want to even touch the drill.
Wyze go try doing this on ur house with your neck pointed upwards and having to apply hard pressure while standing on a ladder. Ive been in agony all week from my neck hurting. The one and only thing im extremely upset about!! due to the screws i would rate wyze a 2/10, but if they fixed it it would be 9/10

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