Wyze Cam Outdoor Missing parts

I recently went to install my new Wyze cam Outdoor and am missing the screw and wall anchor. I asked for a replacement but they are not able to help me. Any help on what size screw and wall anchor I need to use. One would think that they should be able to help customers with such a small problem

The screw shaft is 1/8 inch dia. The head is 3/16" dia. the total length is 15/16" Just take the base to a hardware store and find something that will fit in the notch. Probably find a small pack of anchors also for that size screw. There are usually two screws and anchors in the box.

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I have an extra set I will mail to you at no cost. I’ll send you a private message.



Thanks so very much for your offer.
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I lost a power connector and couldn’t get one from Wyze , they said return the product as def3ctive and they would send a replacement… no parts department… lol

Thanks for your help!