Camera V3 lost screw

I lost the screw that attached the camera to the base. Is it possible to purchase/get a new one? Without the screw I am unable to hang the camera

Are you talking about the screw that you put on the wall to hang the cam on? Go to a hardware store and get a #5 or #6 stainless steel screw 15/16 to 1 inch long, buy 3 or 4. If it is the screw that goes into the bottom of the cam at the base plate I would still take the cam and base to a hardware store and find one that fits. It is probably a 3/8” -16 threads per inch screw like any other camera tripod screw, don’t know how long.


This screw?

Yes the is the one I dropped and lost.

I am sure it is a 3/8 inch diameter, 16 threads per inch 3/8-16 countersunk machine screw . I don’t know the length because I don’t want to take my cam down to check. Measure the length by putting the cam on the base and stick a small round object in there and see how deep it is. You can get one at any hardware store if you live in the United States for maybe 10 cents, it’s not that hard.