Replacement Mounting Screw

Looking for a replacement mounting screw for Wyze Cam V2/V3/V4. There are plenty of 1/4 x 20 machine screws on Amazon, but I cannot find one that has a similar “head” to the screw which holds on the folding base.

Anyone know where to buy some?

Where I live they have Ace Hardware Stores and they have an entire isle of open bins and specialty drawers with loose screws, nut and bolts. This little guy might be difficult to find. Do you need the original stand? There are plenty of other mounts with 1/4-20 available.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. This is sort of “My Fault”. I got tired of the Pan Cam3 getting blown off the ledge (see below) and used the screw from a Cam 2 to attach it to a bracket which I then clamped onto the ledge. “Problem Solved”… except that the Cam2 base is no longer attached to the camera.

This would not have been necessary if the Pan Cam (and the OG Cam) had magnetic bases like the Cam v1/2/3/4

Maybe… (Just “maybe”) The box that the Pan Cam came in remains in my “pile of stuff to deal with” and has the mounting bracket and screw that should have been included.

I can donate one. PM with a mailing address and I will send it USPS tomorrow.

Or if you want to spend some :heavy_dollar_sign: you can shop for a magnetic base with a 1/4 20 screw.

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p.s. I did find the screw that came with the Pan Cam 3. Not the same at all.

Longer thread
Thicker head
Too long to attach the base to the Cam V2

I can swap the screws and use the original to put the base back on the Cam v2.

Appreciate the kind offer.

The magnetic mount would be more attractive than the C clamps I’m using now.

Pity the OG model uses a smaller screw (Got the OG telephoto to get a better picture of squirrels eating walnuts.

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This is what you asked for. I have a screw for a v3 boxed and ready to ship. Let me know if you want it.

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