OG Cam replacement stand

Does anyone have OG Cam replacement stands? I need 4 new stands.
Wyze does not have replacement parts for the stand to the OG Cam
The plastic does not hold up in extreme humid and hot conditions in Costa Rica.
The Ball and Socket style of cam attachment to the stand seems to melt together and gets stuck and if you need to reposition the angle of the cam it is like it glued stuck and cracks.
Uggggg so im being forced to buy new cams and they are just over 1 year old.

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I don’t know what your particular application is, but if the cameras are still working as expected and your problem is with the included mount, then if I was in your position I wouldn’t want to replace that part with an identical mount that’s likely to experience the same failure in those conditions. I don’t have any direct experience or affiliation with this product, but I found something on Amazon that I would probably consider for an outdoor application (if I had an appropriate surface to mount it to). Depending on your access to tools or resources, I’d also consider looking for 3D-printed options for mounts or explore other posts here on the Forum that give details about the screw size the Cam OG uses to attach to its base (which is not the same camera tripod screw size standard that many other Wyze cameras use) and look at fabricating something myself—again to specific to whatever my application was.

But that’s just me. I like trying to make stuff on my own. :man_shrugging:

My point is that if the original ball-and-socket stand/mount is failing where you have the Cam OGs currently installed, then I would be hesitant to replace that with an identical part in the same application. I’d look for a more durable solution that’s better suited to your particular application and conditions.

I’ve used these on the V3 and the WCO cams in various locations. Plenty of them on Amazon and other vendors. I have one that’s been outdoors in the direct sun/weather for three years and it still works just fine. WYZE has one a bit taller on their accessories page but it is more expensive.

I can see something like that working for Cam v3 or other models that can accept a standard 1/4"-20 mount screw, but Cam OG isn’t tapped for that size of screw to connect to its base.

Unfortunately, that solution wouldn’t work for @breckenridgedeb without some sort of additional adapter.

thanks for the correction, I forgot about all the post discussing the OG having the odd ball sized mounting screw. I’ll let myself out. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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No sweat. I appreciate suggestions for multiple options. I just didn’t want the original poster to get the wrong idea, because Cam OG has an oddball thread size for the mount.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Too bad Wyze really doesn’t care about customers first and helping to find an easy fix.

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You’re welcome. I think Wyze tends to focus in places that don’t always align with a lot of customers’ priorities, so I understand the frustration. I get frustrated, too.

Having said that, I like the Cam OG, and I understand that they had specific goals in mind for the release of that model and that changing the mount saved some manufacturing cost in order to achieve their goals. Meeting their target price resulted in some convenience trade-offs for the end user, unfortunately.

On the plus side, the DIY spirit in the community is helpful, and since someone figured out and posted the thread size (#8-32M4) for the Cam OG’s mount, I’d be inclined to get some appropriate machine screws (taking care that they’re not too long, because you don’t want to exceed the depth of the mounting hole in the camera body) and fabricate my own mounting solution…or go with something like what I found on Amazon and linked above, which is more of an enclosure.

In any case, I hope you find something that works! Maybe someone else’ll come along with a better idea.

:pencil2: Edit: See @Seapup’s posts below for better information about the correct screw/thread size. :point_down:

It’s not #8-32. It is M4. To adapt OG to standard mount threads (1/4"-20), you’ll need M4 to 1/4-20 adapters.


Oh, right on. I was going by what I skimmed. Thanks for the correction!

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