Mount Adapter for Cam OG

The Cam OG uses a nonstandard #8/32 screw mount for the camera stand. The v2/v3 cams use an industry standard 1/4"-20 screw mount, allowing you to use literally thousands of different 3rd-party mounts with your cam. It is very difficult to find a 1/4"-20 Female to 8/32 Male screw adapter. So…

Wyze, please make a new accessory: the Wyze 1/4"-20 Female to 8/32 Male screw adapter. It would greatly increase the versatility of the Cam OG and incent people to upgrade their Cam v2/v3 since they wouldn’t have to replace their existing 3rd-party mounts.

Better yet…change the Cam OG to a 1/4" standard mount and eliminate any need for an adapter! All your other Cams use this, why change it now?


Agree with this. If they’re going to make the mount so cheap that it barely functions, they could at least make it something we can upgrade. This is something straight out of a Dilbert cartoon.

Dear all,

Having realized that the screw size of Wyze Cam OG / OG Telephoto is (not UNC #8-32 but) M4 (4 mm in diameter), I have successfully mounted a Wyze Cam OG on a generic security camera pole (1/4 - 20 bolt on swivel ball joint) with a 4mm (M4) male to 1/4 inch female adapter.



The Amazon URL quoted in my previous post was incorrect. Apologies . . .

I discovered a very easy and economical way to make a 1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter, I am surprised at myself. If this was a project at work, I would have come up with it very quickly.
1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter for the Wyze Cam OG

Nice solution!

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Hey Folks. In reference to my adapter video posted earlier; after 23 days, my epoxied nut/screw adapter the was in use fell apart. I checked the two that I did a couple of days ago and they both came apart with low force. Apparently it does not work permanently. I will investigate.