Cam OG Warning: Stand Is Useless; Mount Is Nonstandard

A word of warning about the new Wyze Cam OG, which I just got. There are 2 issues with the mount/stand that seriously compromise functionality versus the Cam v3 or Cam v2.

First, the Cam OG stand is pretty useless. It only has 2 axes of adjustability. So you can move the head up/down but not side-to-side. If you wanted to mount this stand on a wall in a hallway, for example, you can’t turn the camera to look down the hall.

Second, the size of the screw mount that is used to connect the stand to the Cam OG is now much smaller (it is a #8/32 screw per Wyze support). So not only can’t you use a v2 or v3 stand, but you can’t use any of the thousands of tripod mounts that are out there (all of which worked for the v2 and v3 using a standard-sized 1/4-20 UNC tripod mount). And of course, Wyze does not sell an adapter to allow you to use a standard tripod mount for the OG, nor do they sell alternative mounts. Nor are they easy to find. I searched for a while and found this one, but it costs $7 before delivery.

When combined, this basically means I can’t put the OG in half the places I wanted to use it. Unless I can find a cheaper adapter out there, these are all going back. Very disappointing, Wyze.


Between the goofy mount, the convoluted way to review motion alert videos, shameless Cam + up selling, washed out colors, bug where a 2nd linked camera throws an Error 90 code if you try to access it from the home page but no problem accessing it from another OG camera where it has been linked to….stay clear of this camera. I’m sorry I bought two of them! This is almost as bad as their Garage door controller which still tells me that my garage door is open when it is closed.

Can you elaborate on this? It has seemed to be better to me since there are 3 options now instead of just 1:

  • I can still view events in the events tab just like every other camera (so it’s just as good as viewing events compared to every other Wyze camera from the start -at least with Cam Plus)
  • I can view the most recent events from the live stream page, and even filter to only see the events I want (ie: person detections or whatever other limits)
  • I select SD card playback, and it will show me where all the motion events occurred in the SD card timeline, so I can skip all the recordings of nothing happening and know exactly where to go to in order to start the event right where something I care about is happening. I even tried it without cam plus and I could still view all the events on the SD card playback with everything showing up. In this way it was even better to me than the other cams, even without cam plus).

I have been loving the new UI for events, I am just curious what some people don’t like about it. Not disagreeing, just wanting to sincerely understand.

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The problem is the interface is inconsistent. The main problem is if you go into the Events page from the Home Screen and select an OG camera, sometimes the event shows the motion object but a lot of times it does not. Would like to see Wyze work on this. But then there is just a Play button. If you click on it, they spam you with an “Upgrade to Cam Plus” popup. To view the video, you have to click the “playback” button at the bottom. If you go to the camera from the Home Screen, you have to click the “Jump to SD” button. Just needs to be streamlined. It starts to make more sense once you get some events loaded but it’s a confusing mess at first. I’ve been a long time V1, V2 and V3 user. Another gripe - When is Wyze going to give us a landscape app for iPad heavy users??? So tired of rotating my 12.9” iPad to view my cams!

Approved the #wishlist for this. :slight_smile:


Do you mean the live view after clicking into the camera?

how do you do that? is it just OG feature?

i don’t see any way to view events from there. I can see playback of my SD card, but no events.

Am i missing something? v3 w/ can plus.

I expected a “events” list, or at least a link to events only from that camera that i clicked into. Going through the events tab and picking one camera at a time has been a pita.

Yes, on the V3 Pro, Pan V3, or OG. The newer cams have this, the older models don’t yet have this new interface, but Wyze has indicated that if people like it then they will consider updating the rest of the cams to do this too.

As I said above, only the newest 3 cams do it for now. They all have a new menu/interface. The older cams like the V3 might get this update later.

For the V3, you can still view all the events in the events tab, and then click on the playback link from those videos and it will still link you to that spot on the SD card.

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My wishlist request for a mount converter has been approved. Please vote for it if you want to use other mounts with the OG!

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Or, you know, just fix the thing after this first production run. I don’t see how a non-standard thread helps anyone or saves any money. It’s like using a proprietary power or audio connector in 2023.


Or, you know, just fix the thing after this first production run. I don’t see how a non-standard thread helps anyone or saves any money. It’s like using a proprietary power or audio connector in 2023.

This! I was a bit shocked to see that it wasn’t a standard 1/4"-20 mount. The supplied stand is not very good. It wouldn’t be an issue if it came with a standard mount. Now it’s an issue. :man_facepalming: If this is not fixed, I won’t buy another OG if I need another camera. Since they are positioning the OG as a back to basics $20 camera, I hope there’s a $30 V4 on the horizon.

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I agree, I was disappointed with the stand.

Here is an alternative I might try using, it says only Cam V3, but I think the OG Cam will fit:

PEF Mount for All-New Wyze Cam V3 ONLY, Weatherproof Protective Cover and 360 Degree Adjustable Wall Mount Solid Housing for Wyze V3 Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Camera System (White, 2 Pack)

Or use link:

Keep in mind that the OG is slightly smaller than the v3. You might have to add some padding so it doesn’t wobble inside.

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Thank you! I’ll update my experience after I try it.