Wyze OG mount is sort of a bummer, also there is a new thread size for mount screw post

I got the new OG Telephoto to play around with and right off the bat I notice the mount is not great. It only has the ability to tilt in one direction (bearing), and this made it useless for me. There is no way to rotate the main stalk after the mount has been screwed down, such that the tilt notch can be aligned in the direction I needed.

Also, Wyze has changed the screw thread for the mount post to 4mm. This makes is incompatible with most mounts out there. Thanks for that Wyze (rolleyes)

I had to disassemble the mount, remove the ball/threaded stem, and use two layers of heat shrink on the ball to make it larger so I could use it in another mount.

I likely wont be ordering any more of these until they give us the ability to fully articulate the cam in the mount or they switch back to a standard screw post thread so I can use different mounts.


Wyze said in this video that switching from the previous mount to this mount helped bring down the cost of the cam:

The idea of this OG cam was to try to make it their new flagship entry-level camera. It won’t be for everyone. Those who want the extra bells and whistles for a slightly higher cost is recommended to choose either the mid-range camera models (ie: V3 cam) or the higher-end Pro models (V3 Pro) instead, which should suit those extra needs a little better. In the AMA they did recently, they talked about how they were intending to offer 3 types of cameras: Entry-level, Mid-range, and the higher-Pro level of cameras. This one is the Entry-Level that they are purposely keeping as affordable as possible. It certainly won’t be the perfect fit for everyone.

It would be nice if they would create a mount adapter though. Then we could attach standard mounts to it instead. I would really love that, because I have several flexi-tripods I like to use to mount my cameras, but they don’t fit this camera, and affordable mount adapters are hard to come by.

Might I suggest you join in voting on this wishlist item with some of the rest of us, and add to the discussion?

Wyze is paying attention to the wishlist a lot more this year, so the more people who vote for it and show interest, the more they will consider solutions for this issue. :+1:


Could you send picture of the conversions you did ? Thanks.

I have ordered this adapter suggested by one folk and it costs $7+ after tax :rage:

It costs customers money and hassles so that Wyze can keep that $20 gimmickry price point! That 25% trade war tariff should have eaten up a big trunk of that $20🤬 I am absolutely fine with a $21 price tag if the mount hole is the standard 1/4 inch. I thought the mount hole were 1/4 inch when I ordered 6 OG standards and 2 OG telephotos on Jan 17th, release date.

I have used one and thinking to return the remaining ones.

btw the OG sound quality is better👍.


I agree, I was disappointed with the stand.

Here is an alternative I might try using, it says only Cam V3, but I think the OG Cam will fit:

PEF Mount for All-New Wyze Cam V3 ONLY, Weatherproof Protective Cover and 360 Degree Adjustable Wall Mount Solid Housing for Wyze V3 Outdoor Indoor Smart Home Camera System (White, 2 Pack)

Or use link: https://a.co/d/4YrDn0v


Just opened my new OG Telephoto and immediately discovered the 4mm mounting hole. Bad Move. I was planning to do a direct swap of my new OG for an existing V3. but now I need to do some creative adaptation.

I’m bummed out too as I use a couple of Smallrig articulated arms to mount my v3 cameras on bird feeder poles so we and our friends can watch birds at our feeder. As they are getting beat up by the extreme duty I’m working on replacing them with OG as I don’t need much other than live-streaming from an outdoor location. The M4 is just weird, at least have the adapters be a purchasable accessory. Anyone know if the Pro uses M4 or ½-20 as I am interested in one for the higher resolution and would want to plan (as it is was able to mount the OG tele, but can’t do the OG until my adapters get here.)

V3 Pro is the same threads as the older cams 1/4 - 20. You have to remove the screw from the mount to use it.

Wyze should find and offer for sale a 1/4-20 to 4mm whatever adapter. I found one on Amazon.com but it is 3-4 weeks delivery from China. I could not find any USA sources for the adapter. When I enquired about 4mm mounts at online camera sources the general attitude was “what ? why would you use 4mm when 1/4 or 5/8 are universally available ?” If anyone has a CNC machine, they could run off a few thousands. They could offer aluminum, brass, and steel in increasing order of durability and price.

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Well we bought 11 of the V3 encloses that come with the mount and we usesd the this tape and mounted it on the bottom of t

he Camera in side the enclosure And bingo all good now

Dear skyhawk,

I am pleased to report that I have successfully mounted a Wyze Cam OG on a generic security camera pole (with a 1/4 - 20 bolt on a swivel ball joint) via a 4mm (M4) male to 1/4 inch female adapter.


A quotation from the YouTube video . . .

the change from a typical wise three pound stand to a ball joint, that change saved us 50 cents


The Amazon URL quoted in my previous post was incorrect. Apologies . . .


And there is a typo ( wise → Wyze ) in another previous post.

the change from a typical Wyze three pound stand to a ball joint, that change saved us 50 cents

Lastly, a couple of photos (poor in quality) for your reference.

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Again, the Amazon URL quoted in my previous post was incorrect. Apologies . . .


I am mechanically handy. I managed to make my own 1/4-20 to M4-.7 adapter out of 1/2" diameter HDPE rod. I bought the rod and M4 die at the hardware store. I already had a 1/4-20 tap in my workroom. Used a drill mounted in a clamp as a mini-lathe. Plastic adapters should be good enough for camera mounts that will not be changed often.


Dear KayTel . . . when you are not too busy, would you mind sharing a photo of your DIY adapter made of HDPE?

This has soured me pretty hard on the wyze brand. I’ve spent money on several attempts to remedy. Honestly considering just dumping my two OG cameras in a trash can and moving on with my life. It’s amazing something so small can cause this much frustration.

I just wanted better sound and faster response time of the alerts. Now I’m dealing with this. Not worth it.

Last month i added a bunch of OG cams and i just love the way they work excellent pictures and clear videos and with the new platform and IC chip a big improvement over the V3 at a few locations we did the stack kit with both OG models there watching a dirt road with a secured gate entry-Medlevel security

I discovered a very easy and economical way to make a 1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter, I am surprised at myself. If this was a project at work, I would have come up with it very quickly.
1/4-20 to M4-.70 adapter for the Wyze Cam OG

So which is it, 8/32 or 4 mm?

I have measured and adapted, by experimentation, to M4-.70mm. It would be nice if Wyze Labs could confirm this in the OG product specifications.

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