Defective OG camera mounting stand

Is the threaded mounting bolt on the stand supposed to rotate. The one I just received does not and will not!
Since there is NO support from Wyze I hope you can give me an answer before I return the assembly.

What do you mean by “rotate”? The threads should screw into the bottom of the camera, then the disk-like piece on the stand should rotate the opposite way so it tightens up to the base of the camera.

The actual base part (right near the joint where it connects to the threaded rod) has a little part removed on one side. This is so you can mount the base on the wall and have the camera angled up. Once it’s in that grove it doesn’t rotate, you must rotate the base where it is connected to the wall.

I hope that clears it up, if not could you share some pics of what your wanting to do and what the issue is? Thanks!

Thanks for your response…First I could not separate the wall plate away from the stand. This turned out that the manufacturer left glue and they were stuck together! I had to saw the 2 apart!

The second issue can be shown by the attached picture. I want the camera to set upright on a counter but obviously the camera weight tips the unit over. I thought from the install pictures the threaded screw would rotate up so the camera could be attached on top of the spindle. I must be wrong because you cannot rotate it up as its molded into the spindle. What am I missing? Manufacturing defect or just stupid me?

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Are you not getting any tension on the bevel? As in, the camera just flops over when attached?

I have to apply a fair amount of pressure (not a lot, but more than the camera weight) to position the camera while on the mount. Anything past this degree of tilt my camera starts to fall over when on the stand due to weight but not at the bevel, it’s pure unbalanced weight.

If it’s floppy I would say there is an issue with the stand and I would contact Wyze support.

The mount base should have been a slide disconnect (no saw required :wink: ) . Sounds like you may have gotten a bad one.


Could you post a picture of what happened here? I am interested is seeing.

Like @R.Good stated, I would contact support about this because if that tension point is loose, that would be something they would want to know. Thanks in advance!

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OK, I screwed a 8-32 nut onto the mounting shaft and with a pair of pliers was able to break the unit loose so it would rotate! It too must have had some glue on it during manufacturing. Anyway it is now solved and usable.

As described before the mounting plate would rotate on one side but not the other so the guide would not come out. After removing the “glue” then I could rotate the plate and the second guide would come out of the insert. Everything is ok now so can can just close this request out. Sure a lot of installation issues. I already have 3 other Wyze cameras in operation with no install problems. Just some sloppy manufacturing on that mounting device!

My Cam V3 was mega floppy as well - I needed to glue it where i wanted it. Just swiveled left and right, and tightening the screw did nothing. Sometimes there are quality control issues, but hey, think I paid $25 for a pair of the v3s on closeout at amazon. Got what I paid for?